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Looking Ahead: Defensive Backs

With the Rams completely out of contention this season, and everyone already looking ahead to the Rams Super Bowl (also known as The NFL Draft), it is already time to take a look at where the Rams roster stands for 2012 and beyond.  Today, we are going to take a look at the defensive backfield. […]

Recapping A Crazy Week for the Rams and The NFL

In January of this year, my wife and I scheduled a summer trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit family and a few cities we haven’t seen before and enjoy the outdoors and scenery.  End of July was a perfect time for both of us.  Little did we know that that specific week from front […]

Rams To Sign Quintin Mikell

I’m traveling this week, but I couldn’t resist this. The Rams inked the best safety fit for their scheme available in the free agent market in Quintin Mikell, who was previously with the Eagles. All this news is per Adam Schefter, Rams and NFL oracle for ESPN. Fantastic sign for the Rams and a perfect […]