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Sports Rant

…checking out Yahoo sports this morning (ok first I mused about Mindy Kaling’s coolness…).  First article that caught my eye ‘Why Adrian Peterson, Vikings need to go in separate directions’.  What a stupid article.  Adrian Peterson is perhaps the best active running back in the NFL and you’re going to parts ways with him to […]

Rams Lose Opportunity Against Jets

The St Louis Rams had an opportunity to put on a rushing clinic for their fans at the Edward Jones this past Sunday against the NY Jets. Prior to the game the Jets were ranked 29th in rushing defense in the NFL. This bode well for the Rams who had just showcased their running against […]

Rams 2012 Week 3 Players of the Game (And More)

Rams 2012 Week 3 Players of the Game   DEFENSE James Laurinaitis – 11 solo tackles against the Bears.  This ties the NFL’s best solo sack numbers for week 3.  This was an outstanding job.  Of course Laurinaitis wouldn’t have had to make so many tackles if the D-line did its job.  Two sacks against […]

Choke A Sports Writer Day

As I often do… I’ve spent time today reading about everything Rams Nation.  I’ve got to say I’ve read a lot of garbage.  Why am I slaving here over a hot stove while these guys are writing crap?  It seems a lot of sports writers simply like to fill up space.  Gentlemen, I’m getting tired […]

Bradford Assessment – Positive But Realistic

Cormac Neeson from Bleacher report just wrote, “Sam Bradford Ready to Break Out, Drag St. Louis Rams to Respectability.”  Really?  Do you really believe this?  I love the Rams (I have all my life), but Sam Bradford isn’t dragging anybody anywhere at least not in 2012.  2012 will be another building year for the Rams.  […]

Jon Gruden, Really?

I know he is a big name, but he’s already on record saying he would get rid of Sam Bradford and draft Robert Griffin III out of Baylor.  That would destroy the Rams salary cap and start the Rams over again at the NFL’s most important position.  Here’s the relevant information from CBS Sports: One […]

Peter King – I’ll Tell You

From Today’s Monday Morning Quarterback by Peter King: Laurent Robinson. Someone please tell me how the Rams and Falcons gave up on Laurent Robinson. I’ve got to know. His hands, his deep-threat ability and his ability to rise to the occasion on big throws downfield all show he’s a starting receiver for a good team […]

2011 Rams vs Cardinals

Each team has a record of 1-6.  There is also a good chance neither team will have a healthy starting QB to play this Sunday.  So, do we even care about this game?   I love football and I love the Rams, but the truth be told this is not a very compelling match up.  Give […]