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Tis The Season

Tis The Season… Ok, this blog is going to stray off the beaten path, but it’s the holidays and some pretty bad stuff has been going on in our country.  So, I thought it might be a good time to think about the positive.  To think about the things I’m grateful for.  Here goes… I’m […]

Twitter Thursday

Check out recent twitter chatter from your favorite St Louis Rams players and follow us @RamsGab. This week we’ve thrown in a couple Youtube links so enjoy! Scott Wells ?@63Wells8 Taking my 9 year old with me to speak to a Kindergarten class today. I’m expecting some great questions from this group!          […]

Twitter Thursday

Check out your favorite players recent tweets and follow us @RamsGab! Michael Brockers ?@MichaelBrockers Tie breaker is Sunday I need that dome packed out and out of control!!!! #RamsNation                                                          […]

Happy Holidays From Rams Gab

A lot of things going on in the world today.  Hurricanes hitting our country and storms blowing threw our lives.  Most people put there heads down and work hard at making things better.  Others need a helping hand and I hope those of us who can… will reach out to our neighbors in need.  Football […]

Stephen Jackson Injury

  (From Yahoo Sports) …Stephen Jackson suffered a non-displaced fracture in his right little finger Monday, and he is expected to miss four to six weeks. The season is over… I can’t believe this happened!  Just as he was hitting his stride.  We love you baby.  Keep the faith… What?  Not our Steven Jackson?  The guy from the […]

The 3 and Under Club

The St Louis Rams have joined a goofy group of struggling clubs I’m calling the ‘3 and Under Club’.  Here are its current members: AFC Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs NFC Philadelphia Eagles Carolina Panthers …and the St Louis Rams At 3-6-1 the Rams have the dubious distinction of having the […]

Twitter Thursday

Follow us @RamsGab Back by popular demand… Check out your favorite Rams players recent tweets. Danny Amendola ?@DannyAmendola love!                                                      11/11 Joseph Barksdale ?@BazookaJoe72 Peace to y’all. Thursday is here such means Friday is right around the corner. #thinkgoodthoughts     11/15/12 Joseph Barksdale ?@BazookaJoe72 Peace to y’all. Its already Wednesday. Dont let the week end without getting better at […]

Rams Celebrity Sighting

  From St Louis Post-Dispatch, “Rams Hope Freshness Counts”. DANCES WITH RAMS Actor Kevin Costner, who’s in town making a movie, watched the Rams practice Friday. Most of the practice was closed to the media — as was the case Wednesday and Thursday — but Fisher said Costner threw the ball around for about an […]