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We Can Finally Put All of the Moss and Plaxico Rumors to Rest

Today Randy Moss announced his intention to retire from the NFL, possibly because he did not receive much attention at all from the Rams or any other team this offseason.  Yesterday, Plaxico Burress ended his courtship between Philadelphia, both New York teams, Pittsburgh and San Francisco by choosing the New York Jets.  Notice the lack […]

Randy Moss Would Not Have Played In STL?

As the Randy Moss affair continues to stir through the media around the nation more information has been trickling out.  But, very little information regarding the St. Louis Rams, who decided to pass on the talented and troubled Mr. Moss.  The Rams decided Moss was not a good fit in the St. Louis Rams offense […]

The Day After Randy Moss

Now that the dust has cleared and the Rams did not pick up Randy Moss on the waiver wire yesterday as he was awarded to the Tennessee Titans.  Billy Devaney said after the waiver wire process was complete that Moss did not fit the type of team they were building in St. Louis.  The Rams […]

Randy Moss on the Field

Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network on Randy Moss’s play in Minnesota: When the Vikings acquired Moss, my first reaction was that opposing defenses would almost always have to keep a safety over the top of coverages to protect against the deep ball, which would benefit Adrian Peterson in a big way by keeping a […]

Rams Favored to Land Moss

Two different sources have the Rams as the favored landing spot for troubled wide receiver Randy Moss. First, Yahoo’s Jason Cole: Moss is expected to be of interest to numerous teams. One source said that the St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts are atop the long list of teams interested in Moss. St. Louis has the […]

Here We Go Again: Randy Moss Day

Rams fans have been through this at least three times already in less than a calendar year, first with Terrell Owens, next with Vincent Jackson (several times) and now with Randy Moss.  Today is the day we find out if Randy Moss gets picked up on waivers by the St. Louis Rams.  Grab your canned […]


If the Rams pick up Randy Moss in the waiver wire process tomorrow (even though I’m against the acquisition) and Moss dons the blue and gold Horns on the Helm, I’m going to root like hell for the guy. I hope that the Rams will figure out what to do with him if they get […]

Good Moss or Bad Moss?

If you haven’t heard yet, Randy Moss has hit the waivers.  No, Favre didn’t cut him, and neither did the general manager or owner.  Brad Childress, the Vikings head coach, surprisingly  did. The action might have caused by what was shown on the field against the Patriots, or may have even been the comments about […]