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We Can Finally Put All of the Moss and Plaxico Rumors to Rest

Today Randy Moss announced his intention to retire from the NFL, possibly because he did not receive much attention at all from the Rams or any other team this offseason.  Yesterday, Plaxico Burress ended his courtship between Philadelphia, both New York teams, Pittsburgh and San Francisco by choosing the New York Jets.  Notice the lack […]

Does Plaxico Make Sense For the Rams? Again.

The lockout is still in full effect, but that does not stop SportsCenter from attempting to predict where the big-name available players will land once the league year gets started again.  And Herm “You play to win the game” Edwards placed Plaxico Burress on the St. Louis Rams.  We went through this before, about 2 […]

Could the Rams Take a Shot at WR Plaxico Burress?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested on SportsCenter Tuesday morning that the Rams might be among free agent Plaxico Burress’ primary suitors once he’s released from prison. Burress gets out on June 6. “I think you could put him in there with Sam Bradford, and elevate (Bradford’s) game,” speculates Schefter, also mentioning Plax’s Giants connection with coach […]

Big Name Available Player Primer: Plaxico Burress

(This is the first part of the coverage of available players that have been linked to the Rams by fans or the media.) So, the Rams are short experience in their wide receiver corps and Plaxico Burress finds himself potentially available as his trial for carrying an illegal weapon and accidentally shooting himself was delayed […]

I Can’t Believe We Have to Address This

So, I can’t believe this actually a rumor running around the NFL.  The Rams were rumored to be in the running to sign Plaxico Burress.  I can’t see how this would ever work for the Rams.  The Rams are all about getting younger and having good character guys on the squad.  Coach Spagnuolo’s four pillars […]