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Who Wants Michael Vick Now?

Earlier in this offseason, just like prior years, the Rams were linked with quarterback Michael Vick.  The connection was tenuous at best because GM Billy Devaney was a member of the Atlanta Falcons front office while Michael Vick was in Atlanta.  Devaney also visited Vick in jail (so far his first stint in jail) as […]

Great Googly Moogly

This Vick story just will not die, will it? This week’s version to me is even less of a story than usual.  Player goes on St. Louis radio, player says he would be great for the St. Louis football team.  Yawn.  Rinse and repeat.  Here’s Vick’s quote from 101 ESPN: “I’m not saying it out […]

Boller = Vick

Kyle Boller and Michael Vick have stats that are shockingly close to the same.  We saw how Kyle Boller worked out as the Rams QB. Age: Boller: turns 29 on June 17th Vick: turns 30 on June 26th Career Completion % Boller: 56.8% Vick: 53.7% Career Passer Rating: Boller: 70.6 Vick: 75.9 Career Sack Rate: […]

Internet Comment Rant of the Day

Apparently, this is the Michael Vick edition of ICRotD and I’m afraid that won’t much change until Michael Vick retires from football.  This is a long one, so we’ll break it up. Celtic Warrior: John Madden wrote a book and called Shula the best coach he ever went up against. The reason he liked Shula […]

Rams Cannot Afford to Wait For Vick

The news in the Michael Vick “chase” today is the report from that multiple sources have told that the Eagles are not going to trade Michael Vick until they have a chance to showcase him in the preseason. This changes the idea of the Rams trading for Vick from being a “terrible idea” […]

Good Michael Vick Analysis

Curt Popejoy of Draft Board Insider writes an intelligent article today about the Rams quarterback situation, Michael Vick and how it relates to the draft.  It is a well-reasoned article about Michael Vick, which is sometimes hard to find. If I may sum up his argument, Vick is not a stop-gab QB for the Rams.  […]

Anti-Vick Rub

Yep, just as I guessed a couple of weeks ago when he ran the poll on his blog, here’s Bernie Miklasz in a column this morning campaigning for Michael Vick as the next Rams QB, declaring the move safe from a PR standpoint because of that poll, which came in 62% pro-Vick. Personally I think […]

Can We Put the Vick To Rams Rumors to Rest Now?

Michael Vick has finally been signed by a team and that team is the Philadelphia Eagles.  It will be interesting to see the reaction to Vick, both at home and on the road. They are going to lose a bunch of fans with this move and gain a bunch of enemies with this move, but […]