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Haslett, Devaney now Forefront for Rams

I was intrigued by a few small nuggets that Brian Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s (who is quickly becoming my go-to for Rams news and notes) latest article. Here’s the first quote from Burwell: John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt, the powerful executive tandem that has guided and misguided this franchise for decades, slipped into the […]

Rumors Circle the Rams

The Rams have had rumors circling over them for weeks and now about the status of head coach Scott Linehan and now that he is fired, that has sparked more rumors and speculation. Now that Haslett is the head coach, is Bulger back as the starting QB? (as usual) has the jump on that rumor, […]

Who Is Jay Zygmunt?

There is a lot of blame going around for the Rams’ awful start to 2008 and their awful 2007 season under Scott Linehan.  Scott Linehan is obviously facing most of the blame, but so is GM and President of Football Operations, Jay Zygmunt.   But, who is Jay Zygmunt anyway?  He does not come out and […]