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Rams Unveil New Logos for the 2020 Season and Beyond

After weeks of speculation today the Rams new logo for 2020 and beyond finally became a reality, as the four logos were displayed to the general public.

Here’s looks at the logos:

What do you make of the new logos for the Rams?

Rams Lose DT Michael Brockers to the Baltimore Raves Via Free Agency

The Rams relationship with former first-round draft pick Michael Brockers is about to come to a close, as reports say that Brockers has come to terms with the AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens.

Betting online in New jersey state you would have seen that Brockers was not expected to return to the Rams, but for him to get a big offer right off the bat does come as somewhat of a surprise.

Reports say that the pending free agent is heading to the Ravens after agreeing to a three-year, $30-million contract.

Monday was the start of the NFL’s so-called “legal tampering” period, when agents can negotiate with teams in advance of the start of the new league year and free agency on Wednesday, and likely that is when the deal will be announced by Baltimore.

The 29-year-old Brockers has basically grown up in the Rams organization, as he joined the team after being the Rams’ 14th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Brockers started his tenure with the Rams in St.Louis, playing alongside some big name linemen such as Chris Long, Robert Quinn and one of the biggest names in the game currently on defense that being Aaron Donald.

The Rams felt Brockers deserved an extension in 2016, and gave him a three-year deal. He carried a cap number of $10.8 million last season, his last year of the three-year extension.

“I know it’s a business. I understand teams — sometimes they love a guy but they still have to let him go,” Brockers said after playing what now will be his last game with the Rams. “That could be the situation.

“Hopefully it’s not. But I’ve been in this business long enough to understand that some tough choices have to be made.”

The Rams could be lined up with a tough offseason of losing players, as the team has 10 pending unrestricted free agents, including Brockers who is not going to be coming back in 2020.

The Ravens have been known for years for playing a physical style of defense that should suit Brockers well.

Baltimore went out and acquired another NFC West player that the Rams knew all too well last offseason, that being former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas.

Now they add another piece with Brockers, who should be able to add size and strength up front for a Ravens team that wants to get even better stopping the run in 2020.

Look for this to be just the beginning for the Rams to lose some high profile players.

Getting Gurley Healthy and the O-Line Up to Speed Could be the Rams Biggest Offseason Tasks

Two seasons ago the Los Angeles Rams were celebrating what was considered an upset when they defeated the New Orleans Saints on the road to advance to the Super Bowl.

Not many oddsmakers gave the Rams a great chance to beat the Saints, but helped out by an overtime interception they were able to kick a game-winning field goal to get into the biggest game on planet earth.

That was two seasons ago.

Last year if you would have checked US betting sites you can legally bet at the Rams were a favorite to repeat as NFC champions, but not only did they not get back to the Super Bowl, they also failed to get into the postseason.

The team suffered a number of issues along the way to go 9-7, but they were not able to do enough to advance to the NFL’s second season.

There were issues on the defensive side of the ball, as the team wasn’t able to keep games in check and eventually they lost their way and the defense allowed way too many points (364 total).

On offense, they were plagued all season by the issues surrounding running back Todd Gurley, who went from rushing for 1251 yards two years ago when the team made the Super Bowl, to rushing for just 857 yards last season as he seemed to fight through injury most of the year.

To put that in perspective as to the amount of yards that Gurley ran for, two years ago when the team went to the Super Bowl it would have been an average of 89.4 yards per game.

Last season as the offense simply didn’t have the same gusto that it had two years ago, Gurley averaged just 57.1 yards per game.

That is over a 30-yard per game drop off, and it 100 percent made a huge difference in the Rams offense in 2019.

To highlight as a team how bad the Rams were rushing the ball last season, they were as a whole 26th in the NFL, averaging 93.7 rushing yards a game.

By comparison, two years ago when Gurley was a beast and the team made it to the Super Bowl, they put up the third most rushing yards in the league per game, averaging 139.4 yards per game.

Getting back to rushing the football better in 2020 is a main reason why the Rams can quickly go from a 9-7 afterthought in the NFC to a team that once again can get into the Super Bowl.

It comes down getting Gurley healthy and making sure that he has enough support around him to be able to not have to run him 25 times a game.

Also the offensive line has to be better in 2020, not only from a health standpoint but also they have to play better, opening holes for Gurley and the other running backs on the team, and even they need to do better protecting quarterback Jared Goff.

Getting those things done this offseason might be the biggest things on the team’s agenda. If they can do that, the 25/1 odds for the team to get back to the Super Bowl might just be worth the risk.

Rams WR Cooks Thinks the Team Has the Right QB in Jared Goff

Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks wants to make it very clear — he thinks his team has the quarterback for a bright future in Jared Goff USA Today reports.

“Absolutely. Yes, he is the guy,” Cooks said of Jared Goff when I raised that question. “I mean, you talk about a guy that… we had so many different position changes along the offensive line last year. And for any quarterback, that is so tough. To still be able to stand in there and take the licks, it goes to show you that this guy is willing to do whatever it takes to win for his team. And at that young an age, when you have that mindset, special things happen.”

Cooks believes that everything will be fine as long as the Rams’ offense plays within itself.

“It was one of those things where, how to we find the way to get back to our consistent play? There were too many inconsistencies last year. We’d show why we are one of the best teams in the league, and then, the next week, we’d show why we shouldn’t be playing in the playoffs. We know it’s there, but how consistent can we be? That’s the biggest thing.”

Rams GM Snead Says He Doesn’t Regret Huge Deals to QB Goff and RB Gurley

Rams general manager Les Snead said he does not regret signing Jared Goff and Todd Gurley to their record-breaking contracts.

“Those are human beings that gave a lot to this organization and deserve to be compensated,” Snead said Tuesday.

Snead met with reporters following a 9-7 season that resulted in the Rams taking third place in the NFC West and missing the playoffs a season after playing in Super Bowl LIII.

Gurley powered the Rams’ offense in Sean McVay’s first two seasons as coach, as he rushed for more than 1,200 yards in back-to-back seasons and last season scored a league-best 21 touchdowns.

But this season, amid reports that he’s suffering from a degenerative knee condition or arthritis, he rushed for a career-low 857 yards and 12 touchdowns in 223 carries. His touches dropped from an average of 22.5 per game last season to 16.9 this season.

McVay throughout the season denied that Gurley was on a load-management program.

Snead pointed to the general state of the run game, an evolving offensive line and opponents’ game plans as reasons for Gurley’s decline.

“We didn’t run the ball this year as well as we have,” Snead said. “We definitely want to get back to being more efficient running the football.”

When asked if Gurley was the same running back he’d proved to be in the past, Snead said, “This year, he wasn’t.”

Video: Rams Fall on the Final Play to the Niners Saturday Night 34-31

The Rams had a double digit lead over the Niners on Saturday night, but their defense couldn’t stop them on the last drive as they fell to the 49ers 34-31.

Here’s the highlights:

Video: Rams Look to Stay Alive in the NFC Playoff Race in Week 16 Battle with 49ers

The Rams are on the road this weekend as they will look to take down the 11-3 Niners in a huge NFC West showdown.

Here’s a preview: