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Rams Cannot Even Snap The Ball Right

Via the Playbook Blog via Turf Show Times comes this hideous nugget: St. Louis centerJason Brown tipped off the Dallas defense on nearly every snap. He would nod his head before the snap, which gave nose tackle Jay Ratliff a huge jump versus the run and pass. Later in the game, Brown would try and toss in a […]

CBS Sports Rams vs. Cowboys Preview (Review)

Did anyone watch this video?  There was almost zero Rams related analysis.  Jason Horowitz asked his sportscasting counterpart Pat Kirwan how the Rams could avoid being blown out.  He didn’t ask how can they win or how they can be the most competitive, but “How can they not be blown out?”  The best Kirwan could […]

Terrelle Pryor Suspension Sets Dangerous Precedent

This is not a Rams-specific post, but more of the NFL in general.  The Rams would seemingly have no interest in drafting Terrelle Pryor in the NFL Supplemental Draft on Monday as they don’t have need for a developmental quarterback.  They have Sam Bradford as their starter and Thaddeus Lewis is a much better quarterback […]

NFL Lockout Is Ending!

Looks like the NFL lock out is coming to a close.  I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I’m still trying to understand the injustices that allegedly took place.  Athletes perform in a high contact environment which exposes them to potentially dangerous physical injuries.  Prior to the lockout the players […]

Players Union Files to Decertify

The NFL Players Association has filed papers to decertify, effectively disbanding the union and giving it the chance to sue under antitrust laws if there is a lockout. “The NFLPA will move forward as a professional trade association with the mission of supporting the interests and rights of current and former professional football players,” the […]

NFL Nixes Bradford, McDaniels Meetings

From’s Peter King: The Rams hoped to have new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels sit down in a classroom often in February to discuss the tweaks he plans to make in the offense after the departure of 2010 offensive boss Pat Shurmur to the Browns. No dice. The league told the Rams they couldn’t do […]

Reseeding the NFL Playoffs Is A Bad Idea

With the futility of the NFC West and the chance that there could be the first ever 7-9 division champion, there has been a lot of talk around the NFL that the playoffs should be reseeded by record with no acknowledgment of division titles.  The idea that the NFL should make any change to the […]

This Is Not Preseason

Coach Spagnuolo said that their reasoning for starting Kevin Dockery over Bradley Fletcher at starting corner which had disastrous consequences was because “we’ve got a number of corners, a number of guys that are competing all the time,”. Now, I know Coach Spagnuolo is an honorable guy and does not want to rip Fletcher in […]