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Rams vs Saints – 2014 Preseason Opener

Welcome back professional football. Oh how we’ve missed you. Although we may not miss Lebron, Bosh, or Wade; we have missed football. Nope, no one man shows around here. We’re talking head-to-head, ‘IN YOUR FACE’, get your sorry butt off the turf football. Now we’re going to have to ease back into it. I know, […]

Rams vs Broncos – Preseason Game 3

Its halftime and the Rams go into the locker room leading 20-10.  I’m feeling pretty good about things in general, although I have to admit being distracted by some pretty nice people here at the bar.  Being in the lead is pretty cool, but what is more important is that the method of getting there […]

Rams Fail to Inspire

Saturday’s game was weird. First of all the Edward Jones Dome was full of Packers fans, which was to be expected given that it’s so difficult for fans to get tickets in Green Bay it’s both easier and cheaper for them to drive 8+ hours to St. Louis even for a preseason game. I love […]

Packers vs Rams – Rams Lose 7-19

The Rams lose to the Packers in preseason game #2.  The final score was Packers 19 – Rams 7.  After losing our first 2 preseason games should we be concerned Rams fans?  My answer would be no.  In yesterday’s game we should only worry about the first half of the game because that’s when the […]

Packers vs Rams – 2013 Preseason Game II Preview

Tonight the Rams take on the Green Bay Packers in preseason game number two.  This is the Rams preseason home opener and if it was a regular season game I’d say it would be an intriguing matchup.  Don’t expect the Packers offensive juggernaut to slow down any time this year.  Yes they lost WR Greg […]

Rams Lose 2013 Preseason Opener

The Rams first preseason start of 2013 was less than impressive.  The final score, Ram 19 – Browns 27, was mostly a function of Rams mistakes and turnovers; which in theory is ok.  (Once again) the Rams are a very young team and need the preseason to iron out wrinkles.  More veteran squads use the […]

Rams Lose To Jets – 4 Reasons Why

It’s hard to know what’s going on with the Rams’ roller coaster performances.  Over the span of the season we have seen inspiring play by every positional group on the team.  We have also seen games and series of games that show an incredible lack of focus and even incompetence.  Today we saw the latter.  […]

Rams vs Niners – On Any Given Sunday

I’m just going to come right out and say it… we’re probably going to lose against the 49ers tomorrow.  It has taken me until week #10, but until I see otherwise I have to concede the Rams are just not very good.  The Rams are winless on the road and the 49ers are ranked as […]