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Seahawks vs Rams – Halftime Update

The Rams opening drive gave me flashbacks from last year (and the year before that and the year before that), but after that first feeble offensive effort the Rams have been… Well, they’ve been good.  Not just good on defense, but good on offense.  We actually held the lead for most of the 2 quarter. […]

2015 St Louis Rams – Contender or Rebuilding

The NFL 2015 preseason opens for the Rams in 2 weeks.  The Rams will be taking on the much improved (but still not very good) Oakland Raiders in Oakland, CA.  Now, I could really care less about the outcome of this game or any other preseason game, but it does get us one step closer […]

Rams Bites

Time to get those NFL salivary glands working… A couple of great kick start quotes from ESPN’s Nick Wagoner: Defense @nwagoner: One of the most obvious things during organized team activities (OTAs) was how much further along the Rams were defensively than they were a year ago. It’s imperative for them to get off to a […]

Reasons To Like Nick Foles

The first few times I saw Foles play (2012 rookie year) I was pretty critical.  He looked really awkward and unathletic.  But something else stood out;  as unpolished as he was… he was making plays.  Some how the ball got into the receivers hands and some how first downs got made.  Usually, a guy like […]

Does Bradford Make A Difference?

A lot of Rams news I’m reading surrounds QB Sam Bradford.  Everyone says that if he’d played this year the Rams would have had a much better season.  Some are already saying with Bradford behind the wheel, next year will be that turn around year we’ve been waiting for.  Give it to Rams fans to […]

Are The Rams Getting Better?

So are we getting better?  There’s a little hype… a little enthusiasm going around…  Well, the Rams are 6-8 with 2 games remaining.  It’s reasonable to think we could come away with a win this weekend against the NY Giants (we’re playing at home and the Giants are a subpar team just like us).  The following […]

Rams 2014 Week 4

…is a Bye week.  And it’s a good thing too.  Not only will Rams players get 4 full days off to rest the bones, they will hopefully be able to get some perspective on losing to the Cowboys after having a 21-0 lead in the first half.  Perspective, renewal, and closure are important especially when […]

Rams Beat Bucs 19-17

Despite our own best efforts, we pulled it out.  The Rams had 2 potentially devastating turn overs in the 3rd quarter, but the Bucs were not able to capitalize.  The Rams special teams also came up big with a clutch FG block against Tampa at the beginning of the 4th Qtr.  With just :42 seconds […]