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Rams and Goff Come Up Short Against Redskins

A very tough loss for the Rams.  All day long it felt like the Redskins wanted to win a little bit more than we did.  In the first half Redskins running backs with a lot of help from their offensive line wrecked havoc on the Rams defense, but in the 3rd quarter the Rams were able […]

Redskins vs Rams – 1st Half Summary

The Rams come out flat against the Redskins and then close the half playing in an equally lack luster fashion.  In between it comes down to the Rams defensive line being totally manhandled by the Redskins.  For the half, the Redskins averaged 8.4 yards per rushing carry.  Most of that damage was done by the […]

Rams Dominate Colts in 2017 Opener

It’s been a long time since I could say this, but the Rams dominated their (2017) opening day opponent.  The Rams scored more today than in all of 2016.  Ok not literally, but the Rams scored points from almost every direction.  We scored points on field goals, we scored points on interceptions, we scored points […]

Becoming Fundamentally Sound

Rams ownership almost always portrays itself as an organization that wants to win.  It says winning is important.  It says all the right things.  “We’re going to put a lot of money into the defensive line.”  Or  “We’re going to draft a top SEC running back” Or “We’re going to go out and get a franchise […]

2016 Rams – Season Prediction

A lot of love going around regarding the return of the Rams to LA.  My dad was born and raised in LA.  I was born in LA and then grew up in nearby Central Cali.  Some of my fondest memories growing up revolved around my dad and I watching games together (I kind of remember […]

Jerry Jones Excited About The Return Of Football To Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Rams’ return to the NFL has been met with a lot of excitement, especially for people who live in the southern California city, where they haven’t had a football team for decades. Someone else that is excited about the return of the NFL to Los Angeles is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, […]

Steelers vs Rams – Halftime Report

The Steelers ran over the Rams in the first quarter.  Their first offensive drive was filled with short quick-release passes.  In their next possession they spread the field and most passes where in the 20 yard range.  The Steelers pretty much moved the ball at ease for the entire game.  But the Steelers have not been able […]

Rams vs Skins – My 2 Cents

Everything I read points to a Rams victory tomorrow.  Skins QB Cousins is turnover prone, their star WR DeSean Jackson is out, and Rams RB Tre Mason will hopefully return to the field.  The Rams are sporting perhaps the toughest d-line in the NFL and last week the offense lead by QB Nick Foles dropped […]