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Should The Rams Make A Call To Tim Tebow On The QB Spot?


Sam Bradford is done for the 2014 season, and many think the Rams season is done with it.

If there’s one player that could generate the buzz and excitement that could get the season back on track, it’s that of former Broncos and Jets QB Tim Tebow.

Tebow has been out of the NFL since he was released during training camp by the New England Patriots on August 31st, 2013.

He’s a player that can bring excitement to the team from the start, and while many think that the season is done, the Rams have enough talent to carry on.

Add Tebow – and there’s even more excitement. So what do you think Rams Fans? Should the team call Tebow?

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35 Responses to “Should The Rams Make A Call To Tim Tebow On The QB Spot?”

  1. Mike says:

    Gods, no. He’s not on any team now for a reason.

    Better to go with what we have, and hope next years QB crop is good enough that we can get one.

    • reader says:

      So its better to throw away a year/season and not see a bunch of 4th quarter comebacks and potentially go to the playoffs? Your stupid. You sound like a Jaguars fan where the entire history of the team is a rebuilding period. BTW….Sam Bradford at 18-30 sucks.

    • fred says:

      The only reason Tebow is not playing is because the league does not want to have anyone with Christian values playing they draw too much attention from the game and their marketing. Fyi Denver offensive linemen I have spoken directly to, who played with both Tebow and Manning describe Tebow as a great football player and Manning as a great quarter back. Their workload was reduced with Manning to only 2 seconds with Tebow longer because he extended the play, Manning throws it in 3 seconds, Manning was cited when he came into the league with nervous feet, that is because he does not like contact Tebow will not shy from it, and given his ability to throw on the run will be exciting personally I am bored with the Bradys et al who stand 10 yards behind the line, get the snap retreat another 5 and throw and throw me I want some excitement Tebow brings that along with a will to win

  2. reader says:

    The Rams should pick up Tebow. He’s a winner. 9-7 as a starter with a playoff win. Add to it that Tebow is exciting to watch. Tebow Time is awesome. Its unlike anything ever seen to see all the odds against Tebow and then he comes back and wins over and over and over. Its missed a lot but Tebow had another 4th quarter comeback with the patriots where he threw 2 TDs in the 4th quarter to win the game against the Giants. Its the same ol story. I just wish we could see it again.

  3. Rams Fan says:

    I usually go to a game or two every year, but if the Rams sign Tebow and he’s actually going to get some play time I’ll buy season tickets.

  4. NFL says:

    I’m not a Rams fan but I would be if they signed Tebow

  5. Rickdove says:

    When tebow led the denver broncos, they had the number 1 rushing offense with running backs that are not considered elite. Part of the reason for the #1 rushing attack was because of tebow’s style of play. All the rams need is a top 5 rushing attack and a top 5 defense and they will make the playoffs. Then when the season is over they dont need to keep tebow if they want a pocket passer. This will save the season and leave the GM with the flexibility to move on if need be.

  6. Chadwick Ridgewood says:

    Give the man another opportunity. Put Tebow in the game and your stadium will be rocking!

  7. Linda Vastardis says:

    YES! YES!! YES!!!

    Tim Tebow DESERVES another shot at being a starting QB in the NFL. He’s been training hard and his mechanics have greatly improved from everything I’ve read.

    Tebow to the Rams … DREAM TEAM!!

  8. Derek says:

    I think we should stick with the dynamic QB play of Shaun Hill!



  9. Marsha says:

    Why not give Tebow a chance. He is a born leader & has continued to work hard at improving his game. Though his statistics are pretty darn good when he was given an opportunity to play. I truely believe he could make a big difference in the Rams season.
    What do you have to lose? I would definitely be one of your biggest fans if you gave him a chance.
    Go Rams!!

  10. John Weatherwax says:

    Pick up Tebow. Give him a chance. He’s a great quarterback.

  11. ruthy says:

    Definitely, give Tebow a shot. Shaun Hill’s a decent player but he is going to need help!
    Tebow is just the man to help us!

  12. Steven Powledge says:

    Rams would have #1 rushing offense in league, low turn overs, top team with 40+ yard gains and a inspired hard playing football team because of his on field leadership. A nation wide fan base, full stadium, a ton of money off sports jersys sales, Hugh promotion of rams label . Some ugly passes and a hellva run in the playoffs. The question is are the broncos and Denver better because of Tebow. Organizations are built on great leaders and gutsie decisions. Football is not a game of luck and there is no hipe on the playing field. Blood, sweat, and tears few will give it up. Tebow gives it all and more that’s why men follow him and people love him. Get your leader and be that organization. TEBOW brings a lot and it’s all good. ( except for an occasional crappy pass) It really makes complete sense!

  13. bernie boegner says:

    Considering that the Rams have not made the playoffs since 2004 they have nothing to lose by signing Tebow.

  14. Gilbert justiniano says:

    For sure, you will never know what can happen when Tim is on the field. It us so boring to know your QB is just going to sit on the pocket and wait for their receivers to get open. Tim on the other hand makes things happen, he move around, he won’t shy awAy from a tackle ( not to mention it’s not so easy to bring him down)and yes he can throw. Your in a can’t lose situation, he can’t do any worst than an already project losing season, bringing Tebow on only gives you a 100% better chance!

  15. carl jacobs says:

    Tim Tebow couldn’t hit the ground with a football if he fell on it. The ground, I mean. He can’t throw. You can’t be an NFL quarterback if you can’t throw. That is the reason he isn’t on a team right now. He isn’t good enough to play, and wishful thinking won’t change that.

    It would be entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way. It would be a media spectacle. Unless you are a Rams fan. Then it would just be pain.


    • Howard Knapp says:

      It has been 10 years since the Rams have even made it to the playoffs. So what would they have to lose by giving Tebow a chance? His throwing has actually improved with over 100,000 reps and Expert teaching.

    • komit says:

      Based on the non-stop barrage of media claims that Tebow is the worst quarterback to ever play the game, I expected to find that he ranked well below all of the other “real” quarterbacks.

      The results were a little surprising.

      What the First 16 Game comparison of 28 QBs showed is that not only is Tebow not at the bottom of the rankings:
      He ranks higher overall than everyone except Aaron Rodgers over the first 16 games.
      He has scored more TDs than everyone except Matthew Stafford.
      He has a Higher Yards per Completion than EVERYONE.
      He has thrown fewer interceptions than EVERYONE.
      He has a better W-L Record than everyone except Tom Brady.
      He has the 7th highest passer rating.

      While this doesn’t necessarily mean he will be an elite quarterback in the NFL, it does mean he has outperformed some of the elite QBs in NFL history in their first 16 games. This eliminates any doubt about Tim Tebow’s ability to play Quarterback in the NFL. Not only can he play quarterback, but based on the first 16 games, one day he could be one of the best.

      That takes us back to the original question.

      Why is Tim Tebow not playing quarterback in the NFL?

      The statistics through the first 16 games clearly show that he can play quarterback regardless of what the media, ESPN Network, or the NFL network talking heads think or say. They don’t always get it right. There was this other rookie quarterback that was being blasted as a failure and labeled by the media for an atrocious rookie season. He was called the $5 Million Mistake who had to have the offense stripped down to make it simple for him to understand, and he couldn’t grasp basic NFL defenses, as his first 16 games clearly show. It turns out that the media was wrong and John Elway was a pretty good quarterback.

      So if Tebow can play quarterback as well as the best of them early in his career as the stats clearly indicate he can, then there must be another reason he is still unemployed. This can’t be the first time that quarterbacks have been compared in this context. Surely the coaches and scouts within the NFL know how he compares to other quarterbacks through their first 16 games, and yet despite his well above average performance, no one is willing to employ him even as a backup.

      Tell me it’s the cult like following he has, tell me it’s the media circus that hounds him, tell me anything you want….just don’t say he can’t play quarterback in the NFL, because based on a comparison of his first 16 games against some of the best to ever play the position, the numbers say he can.

      • Ron says:

        Komit, you have it all correct. why Tebow is not in the league is very simple…he is bigger than the NFL and the egos can’t handle it. Yea I understand media circus but obviously the GM and Coach for the Rams would rather lose than be over shadowed by Tebow. Isn’t the idea to win, hasn’t this guy already proved he can do it on every level? Oh and by the way did I mentions he doesn’t knock women out in elevators?

  16. Keith Townsley says:

    The Rams need Tebow!

  17. Marsha says:

    Carl you have no idea what you are talking about. Tebow is ready to play & would make Rsms’ fans proud.
    sounds like you are just a typical Tebow hater.

    • carl jacobs says:

      No, Marsha, I am not a Tebow hater. In any case, pointing out the blindingly obvious fact that TT does not have the skill to play QB in the NFL is not hatred. There is a reason that he isn’t on an NFL team, and it has nothing to do with his Christian faith. It has to do with bad mechanics, inaccuracy, and difficulty reading defenses. If he hadn’t been inexplicably drafted in the first round, he would never have survived his first training camp.

      I know exactly what I am talking about, and the disinterest of every NFL team in his service us my vest evidence.

      • Marsha says:

        Carl, I did not mention TT Christian faith.
        If you have been following TT you should know he has continued to train & has improved his mechanics, accuracy & reading defense There have been other QB in the past that were not necessarily up to par but were given an opportunity & became good QB. TT can make things happen on the field & is a born leader.
        OK, Carl, that’s all I have to say on subject. Guess we will just agree to disagree.

  18. Bob says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO TEBOW

  19. crystal says:

    I was just watching Tim Tebow highlights on YouTube brought tears to my eyes because he’s such a magnificent person and does make the game exciting. I want to see him play again I don’t care who signed him I just want to watch him play and if it happens to be the Rams by all means go Tebow I’m praying for you

  20. Sean says:

    Rams could have signed Tebow for a year at a steal and win more games than hill. It’s not like rams have a realistic shot at the playoffs this year so might as well sell some tickets. It’s like management is giving up and looking at next years draft and saying fuk off to all the fans by throwing a hill in there when Tebow is a way better athlete and will sell more tickets and win more games.

  21. martin says:

    Give tebow a chance whats the matter at least he dosent punch women or pregnant wom3n lik3 5at jerk on 49niners

  22. Tim says:

    Yeah I’m all for giving him a shot… Go tebow!!!!

  23. Mister Green says:

    YES; Tim is a winner. Let him pass and that will open up the run. The retarded Jets only had him run EVERY time he played. Let him play like Denver let him and we can go to the playoffs. At least let him sell some jerseys, help some kids at Children’s hospital, and entertain us in a season thats not looking good. Who knows maybe it will make up for Martz driving our Superbowl winner Warner out of town! PLEASE SIGN TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The nfl rather have wife beaters, dog killers, drunks, druggies, then a good athlete that people look forward to seeing.isnt this football? Nfl lost hes a christian with great morals.thats playing his heart john elway, denver ,& nfl.f you.u totally just put all the bad in this league. U are to me a waste.

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