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The season was such a disappointment that I simply haven’t had much to talk about.  But it’s been a few weeks now and I’m ready to address a few issues.  The first 1 has nothing to do with the Rams, but its happening this weekend and inquiring minds want to know.

1 Who is going to win the Super Bowl?  What does Tom Brady have in common with Kobe Bryant?  They are both stone cold killers.  You never see Brady chatting it up on the side lines unless they’re up by about 40.  I don’t think it is possible that Mr. Brady is going to let an underdog NY Giants beat him in 2 Super Bowls.  The experience of Belichick, Brady, and the 19 returning players from the 2007 Patriot SB debacle will turn out to be too much for the Giants.

2 Do we want the Rams playing in London over the next few years?  On first pass I could really care less.  If the Rams are going to continue to play at the same disappointing level as the last five years… then go ahead!  It is just one more embarrassing Sunday matchup I won’t have to endure.  Of course there is the issue of keeping jobs here in the USA.  We don’t want the Edward Jones Dome folks out of a day’s pay.  Really, we don’t.  The bigger picture here could be the NFL wanting a larger fan base in London to support the ‘eventual’ NFL Europe product.  My take on this is “forget it!”  Europe is not going to fall in love with American football any more than we are going to fall in love with soccer.  Sure we kind of like soccer and it’s very popular to discuss the World Cup when it rolls around, but it’s just not a part of our culture.  And this goes for American football in Europe.  My vote is for the Dome and for keeping all of the games here in the states.

3 What is the future of Sam Bradford?  No one wants to say it, but he could be a bust.  I don’t totally blame him.  How many 350 pound linemen jumping on your face does it take for a college kid to become gun shy?  Whatever the number is I think it’s already happened.  I have seen the fear in Bradford’s eyes.  Now if we could do something about our offensive line quickly and help erase the scars of the past, then Sam might have a chance.  But when have the Rams ever done anything quickly and done it well?  (Answer is… they haven’t.)

4 Farewell Steve Spagnuolo.  No question here just farewell.  I will miss both saying and spelling your name.   I’m glad to have Fisher and hope the Rams will set him up for success (unlike his predecessor).  Spagnuolo, a defensive guy, was paired with a 1st year offensive coordinator.  Together they knew less about running an offensive than my baby sister.  What seasoned front office guy came up with that dynamic duo?

5 Finally, will Kroenke be a good football owner?  Currently the answer is no since he has been a minority owner of the Rams for some time.  During a juncture when I would hope a great deal of his time would be spent shoring up the Rams, he has been out and about trying to buy the Dodgers.  The man wants to be a sports mogul.  I get it, but what I want is nothing short of another ‘the greatest show on turf’.  (I love you Kurt Warner.)

That’s all I’ve got .  Enjoy the Super Bowl and drive safe!

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3 Responses to “Football Stuff”

  1. Matt says:

    I wish you werent so anti-Sam Bradford, but then again I wish the rams would trade Bradford to a team that can protect him…maybe a team whose fans dont turn on their team like rams fans!!

  2. Mark says:

    Normally, I might agree with you, but the last 5 years have been the worst in Rams history. Check out the last article I wrote:


  3. Stone Temple says:

    I’ve been a Rams fans since the days when Vin Scully said “Ferragamo’s back…Spots Waddy!!” the play against the Cowboys that sent the Rams to their first Superbowl. Since the days well before that when Roman ran around the pocket with the single orbed facemask and Deacon was passing out concussions like they were Vegas strip joint pamphlets… In other words, I’m an old F#@k…
    At this point Sam reminds me of Jim Everett. Everett came into the league with a ton of talent. Like Bradford he was a tall man with an accurate arm and in his first year did well for a rookie. But in the years that followed, behind a disintegrating front line, he was seemingly always on the run, he lost his ability to make reads and throws. And of course as a result was made quite a bit of sport of by a commentator by the name of Jim Rome…
    It may be time to get a couple of early picks from another team for Sam. It might involve the Rams having to eat some of his exorbitant contract but the team could then fully move in a new direction… Fresh start for everyone concerned…

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