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Will Kroenke Break His Own Rule, Make A Move?

Three NFL teams have already made a move at their head coach position, firing their head coach, promoting an interim coach and getting a head start on their offseason coaching search.  Those three teams are already ahead of the Rams in contacting all the hot coordinator candidates and attempting to get all the ex-coach studio analysts out of “retirement”.

Stan Kroenke’s long-stated policy is to not make a coaching change during the season, but with all his NFL bretheren already getting a head start on official coaching searches and with two head coach dismissals on Monday, will Stan Kroenke decide that enough is enough already?

The Rams are behind most if not all the NFL in so many categories including wins, total offense, rush defense.  Will Kroenke decide to fall even further behind the other franchises in yet another category?  Give us Rams fans something over the last three weeks of the season, because otherwise, I’m not sure what the point is to keep paying attention as the Rams fall further and further into the NFL abyss.

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16 Responses to “Will Kroenke Break His Own Rule, Make A Move?”

  1. J.Adams says:

    I would like to be a fly on the wall in the locker room to get a feel how the players feel about all that has happened to the team.You know,I would consider a suggestion box as to what should be done to get back to winning.I watch the games and see players busting their ass and still losing in the end,that takes a toll and I see some that are just going through the motions.Here`s a what-if.No injures,all can play,we have some very talented players,old and new.OK,here goes,I like Bradford but he will end up like some of the rest( no names)if we don`t have an offensive line that can protect him and open holes for the backs.Am I asking too much?Look,maybe scouting players is the problem,some of the other teams seem to pull players out of thin air that fit in and play great.Look what happened after we won the super bowl,the team split up,coach retired,players moved on,they don`t know what to do when they have a good thing going.I will say this,who the hell wants to come to the rams and once here,who wants to stay,nuff said.Somebody fix this,even my dog stays away from me on game day.HELP !!

  2. Steve.G says:

    I am really starting to get sick of hearing people talk about spags getting fired. He really hasnt done that bad of a job considering what was given to him. This team has had the worst record since 2005 behind maybe the lions… just maybe. We have never really had a good defence up until last season (when our defence was actually healthy). Watching our team this season has been painful and you can talk about how horrible our run defence/pass offence has been but in the end it all comes down to scoring. And when your behind all game whats to stop the opposing team from running the ball threwout the entire 4th quarter? I recommend that we keep spags for one more season. Get that secondary healthy and become one of the best defenses in the game with exotic blitzing and proper coverage downfield.

    Scoring is something we have not been able to do under mcdaniels just yet. The rams have been the most effected team during the lockout behind maybe the colts (not being able to keep proper track of mannings injury). Having a young quater back come off a rookie of the year season and having to come into his sophomore year under a new system he is not familiar with is very hard especially when you have no real weapons. And when you do the inability for them to stay healthy (Danario Alexander, Mark Clayton, Danny Amendola) and having next to no protection when passing even with a healthy offensive line. I think its time we realize that our team is still playing hard and we should still give them some credit even though it has been a difficult season. Spags is gonna be the right coach for the job you just need time to fix a team that has been so broken

    • Fred A says:

      Steve G.

      Sorry you’re just plain wrong..Spags is a miserable coach who cant condition his players so that they won’t GET INJURED..its all on his poor coaching skills and lack of ability as a motivator. Time to move on and get a real coach for this pathetic sad team.

  3. Fred A says:

    The Rams are the worst team in the NFL from 2005 – they are conditioned to finding ways to lose and until they get a coach who can motivate them and get them to actually WANT TO WIN they will continue to just be a NFL jerkoff team. Period.
    Steven Jackson should be traded so he can play for a team that has a chance to get to the Super Bowl, the Rams are wasting his talents.
    The Rams were the worst team in the 1990’s (except for 1999)…think about that !
    Once a team only knows losing…they just keep losing. Simmple.

    • J.Adams says:

      Sir,I feel your pain,but this team is not conditioned to lose and motivation comes from within.Players on a team motivate each other,a coach can help but if it is not in your heart you need to move on.Question,do you have kids,if so,what would you tell them if they came home with a report card with d and f,are they conditioned to lose?I think most people would encourage them to try harder,help with their homework and so on.Though,get all the players together,separate defence and offence call out plays and ask each player what their responsibility is on that play. You add a new coach with new plays and new players,they need to know what to do on every play.Winning brings people together,they feel better about themselves and their team.I watch other teams play and see wide outs blocking downfield,linemen staying on their blocks longer and so on.This game (business) of football is not easy with all the variables.Having a defeatist attitude doesn`t help.Had to vent,sorry !

      • Fred A says:

        Hi J Adams..

        Just look the Rams record for the last six years…once a loser, difficult at best to turn it around…and with a poor coach, a poor draft, poor play calling, you get what you see on the field.
        I watched the Lambs on TV playing the Seahawks and they sickened me with their sloppy play and worthless offense. Thank Devaney and Spags for both and lets get rid of them before another year is wasted and lets get back to a team we can be proud of !!!

  4. J.Adams says:

    Well you might be right and I think it will happen.I go way back to the old black and white uniform days and remember the fearsome foursome chasing Fran Tarkington around forever and then he would pass for a touchdown,heartbreak.I can`t remember all the coaches the Rams have had that promised to be our savior,who do you recommend?O,about Jackson,he is a class act with a great attitude, a real mans man.GET HIM OLINE HELP.

  5. J.Adams says:

    I agree,my dog stays away from me on Sundays and(Monday nights)and I had to remove the Rams sticker from my pick up,got tired of the cat calls and the middle finger pointing!!The Rams are not the chosen teams were I live,Cal.

  6. Steve.G says:

    So what your telling me is coaching is what causes injuries in this league? If thats the case every coach in the nfl should be fired.
    Spags isnt the offensive coordinator for this team mcdaniels is so if you wanna get on the offenses case then you should be writing an article about firing mcdaniels not spags. Spags has his defence playing hard healthy or not every game. And i believe that mcdaniels just needs a full offseason without the lockout to work with Sam. Mcdaniels has the abilities to make a quarter back good looking at his resume especially just for the fact that he made Kyle Orton good KYLE ORTON! Getting a new coach at this point would just put us behind another 3 years i think spags deserves at least one more season.

    But I’m sorry but saying we need to trade jackson seems ridiculous. He has been the only consistent player on this bad team since he has been the starter hes coming up on his 7th consecutive 1000 yard season which is crazy to think on this team. I agree that he deserves a superbowl but with a qb experiencing confidence problems jackson is the best option to have to help that.

    • Fred A says:

      HiSteve G

      No, you have it all wrong..the COACHES didnt make the players exercise and train the way they should have…and the sign of that is the flood of injuries that plague the Lambs. Spags doesnt do what he has to do to make the Lambs into a contender. They have been a bad team for so long now they need to have a coach with fire in his eyes who wont accept a loss..who wont accept guys who literally arent trying. He created this mess and he needs to be the first one out the door..followed quickly by Devaney and McDumb (daniels)

      Another year for a loser coach is just a waste of time.

      • Steve.G says:

        Fred A
        Saying the coaches didnt make the players train hard enough to not get injured is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Its a good thing the packers didnt have that kind of logic cuz they’re on they’re way to a 16 0 season after a season filled with injuries altrhough they did win a superbowl. It definately helps when you already had an established system on offense and defense.

        And saying that spags created this mess is also ridiculous considering this team was a laughing stock long before he came. But i guess that means its all his fault for deciding to go to st louis right? Being rams fans we need to realize especially having a team this bad, that we are going to need more then one season to establish our system. We still need some gm help in free agency to help surround bradford with some help. Signing two back up running backs isnt gonna do anything. This team has alot of potential we’re just going thrue a nightmare of a season and we just need to finish strong and start scouting for depth in the off season

  7. J.Adams says:

    I sure like all the comments,there is a lot of good Ideas.Lets start with the draft,again !I want a scouting team that can spot talent wherever it is.Maybe we need a global search,I`m just saying !

  8. J.Adams says:

    Trade Bradford,that`s BS,what they need to do is get him the help he and the team need.With time Bradford will be a very good QB.

    • Fred A says:

      hi J Adams

      Yes I DO remember the Rams when they weren’t the sad sack players they are now, just like you. And I miss them. Whether Bradford can be another Warner…I just dont know. Maybe. He needs time to learn the offense, but he gets hit so often its really hard to tell. I AM glad that Bulger is gone…he played like a little girl the last few years.

      The defense is good, but they are on the field too too much

  9. gooby says:

    Spags is a nice guy but ALL THAT MATTERS IS WINNING – PERIOD! We need an experienced GM and a proven winner as a coach.

  10. MJLinc says:

    When everyone is healthy and available, the Rams have great potential and promise. However, depth is a major problem with our team. Here are my suggestions going forward. 1. Prioritize needs and draft accordingly. It seems to me that it should be O-Line first, Cornerbacks next, then more O-line, then a running back to take D. Jack’s place in a year or so. Wide-outs are a need, since none of the one’s we have had this year have been able to stay health enough to play. We need to keep Lloyd, get Amendola back, and build from there. 2. Thank McDaniels for his time, then get rid of him. I guess he could stay and do something, but someone else needs to be the playcaller. It is apparent that he has no feel for things like set-up plays and series. His 3rd down playcalling is nothing short of befuddling. 3. Given these first two priorities get addressed properly, give Spags another year to get it going. I am impressed with how the defense has played (except our poor CB play), so I believe the whole team will come along.

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