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Anti-Vick Rub

Yep, just as I guessed a couple of weeks ago when he ran the poll on his blog, here’s Bernie Miklasz in a column this morning campaigning for Michael Vick as the next Rams QB, declaring the move safe from a PR standpoint because of that poll, which came in 62% pro-Vick.

Personally I think Bernie should be ashamed. “Vick would bring buzz to the Rams,” says the columnist who apparently doesn’t think the Rams have enough issues to deal with this coming offseason. Yeah, so would sticking your ass in a bucketful of hornets; I don’t hear you recommending that. There’s nothing about having a felon who’s barely played for three years, isn’t a remotely-accurate QB, isn’t suited for the Ram offense, doesn’t have that great a head for the game, doesn’t remotely fit the team’s commitment to building a roster of men with good character, that represents any kind of buzz this franchise needs to have.

Especially the felon part. But instead Bernie has manufactured, nurtured, and now sprung this “story” that at a minimum is going to be a distraction in Rams Nation until Vick signs somewhere (he’s supposedly going to have multiple options if the Eagles let him go.)

It’s crap journalism on Miklasz’s part. The “buzz” he says he wants is all about him; it doesn’t have anything to do with good football. It doesn’t help this franchise or its fans. It’s only an unwelcome, unthinkable distraction. It’ll be crap football for any team to sign Michael Vick to do anything more than the gimmick role he had in Philadelphia this season. And I don’t even want to see him here for that.

I implore Steve Spagnuolo, Billy Devaney, and Chip and Lucia Rosenbloom not to bring this half-assed publicity stunt by a bored columnist into fruition.

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10 Responses to “Anti-Vick Rub”

  1. CALVIN says:

    AMEN!!!Its about time someone called out Miklasz for his sensationalist journalism.This is the same guy who wanted the Rams to get rid of Warner and now he’s doing the same kind of nonsense to Bulger.Some of the things this guy writes leads me to believe he does this for attention.

    • Garrett says:

      Well i think this is true…all of it…Vick wont do any good. But you gotta think. What is Bulger doing? Warner helped us years ago…Bulger hasnt done much good in the past 3 or 4 years…Sucks but thats life. Bulger has got to go.

  2. Brandon M says:

    I completely and utterly disagree. Have you looked at our record? We suck, people! Why not take a chance on Vick? The falcons were pretty sorry before they got Vick, minus the year they went to the superbowl and got greased. Michael Vick is not going to run another crime syndicate or do anything of that nature. He’s gotten his act together and wants to play football. We need players that want to play football.

    • Michael V says:

      You know you can’t hate the guy for his actions off the field. Just cause he is a felon don’t make him a terrible football player. And like Brandon said we do suck and for the past three years at that.And who cares if he has been out for three years look at other QB’s like brett farve and Vinny Testaverde old qb’s to come back into games and win and im sure there were many more,you to the research cause im too lazy lol but anyways i think he will be a good fit and if our line can maintain being heathy through out this next season i can honestly see him blossem BUT thats only if we can find a great pair of recievers either in the draft or free agency and if anything else look for jimmy clausen to fall to us in the second round im sure after training camp we can see who our new qb will be . The hell with bulger i hope we trade or cut him for cap space.

  3. Calvin Suddeath says:

    Sorry Brandon but you forget that he hasn’t started a game in three years and Falcons are much better without him.The guy had problems with their WC offense in his prime and they had to dumb it down for him.That’s more problems then we need.We are trying to win games not dumb down our team.

  4. Vic says:

    I wouldn’t say Vick is the answer, but by no means does that mean we should keep Bulger. The Rams are not “a player away” from getting anywhere and we all need to keep that in perspective.

    My only hope is that our first pick doesn’t go toward a quarterback…although we have had 0 luck drafting defensive linemen. I’m not just talking about Adam Carriker, as you all know there is quite a history of failing to draft worthwhile D-linemen in the Ram’s resume.

    • Garrett says:

      I agree with you too. We do need a better Qb then Bulger…And a better O line..Jackson is pretty much running through our line and there D to make plays. We need someone who can get the ball to Avery and other WRs. Averys a great player who hasnt gotten shit for throws. I hate to see him go to another team and have 3-4 great seasons. and probably win the superbowl. We need another Trent and kurt Qb.

  5. Mike says:

    I’m not sure what to do with Bulger. All I can say is things have fallen pretty far for him when there’s serious consideration for replacing him with a guy who’s thrown 13 passes since 2006.

  6. JS says:

    Hey I’ve been secretly hating Miklasz (and the rest of dispatch) for the last 3 years, I’m glad i’m not the only person who thinks his columns are crap. We do need to find a qb though… WHATS ur thought on the qb situation MR Rams Gab???

  7. wizdomheard says:

    Why not take Vick? He is a mobile quarterback who can throw the ball and He is much better than every one of the quarterbacks here in St.Louis. I’m all for picking up Michael Vick for the Rams. I can almost guarantee you the season record won’t be 1-15 for the NFL 2010-2011 Season if the St.Louis Rams were to go and Get Michael Vick to quarterback for them.

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