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Another Bleacher Report Take Down

Let’s begin with the title of the piece.  “My Solution to The St. Louis Rams Problems.”  I admit it, I was intrigued to see what someone else would do to fix the Rams.  Let’s take a look.  Nick Signorelli’s writing is quoted and my responses are below them.  This never ever gets old.

Starting at the bottom, the St. Louis Rams, are ranked 32 on most peoples Power Rankings, at least those that know what they are talking about.

I’m not going to split hairs (should be people’s), but the Rams are ranked at 32 on most power rankings.  However, they have competition with the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Tennennsee Titans.  Again, not splitting hairs, but it is not super obvious that the Rams are the worst team in the NFL.  But, the Rams are certainly in a small group of the worst teams in the NFL.

The first thing I would do, is fire the entire coaching staff. Every one. There have been many coaches that have come in and made an immediate impact to help turn the franchise around.

Um, what?  First of all, that thought makes no sense.  Second of all, Steve Spagnuolo and his coaching staff have not even been around for any entire season.  We have a offensive coordinator who has never been a offensive coordinator and is in his first season calling plays.  We have a defensive coordinator who has never been a defensive coordinator.  We have a head coach who has never been a head coach in the NFL before.  They need time and experience and the worst thing would be to change coaching staff before they could even get a fair chance.

It gets even better after the jump!

I would go for a defensive minded coach, because if you can not stop anyone, you can’t win. Who would I go after? Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings.

Seriously?  Apparently, Nick Signorelli has no idea that our current head coach Steve Spagnuolo IS a defensive minded coach.  Frazier is a good coach and was a finalist for the Rams job, but Steve Spagnuolo is the Rams head coach and is focused getting the Rams defense to championship caliber.

Frazier would also be promised that he is going to have five years to turn the franchise around, so that he does not feel the pressure to have to win NOW. There is no greater feeling than having job security, and coaching a team that has not won a game in a year, needs security.

Right, so firing a first time head coach after 1 season and then giving the new coach a 5-year vote of confidence?  Yea, I don’t think that would turn out too well.  And if you wanted job security, you would not coach in the NFL.  It’s part of the job.

Current roster. There are a few key players that are already in place is St. Louis, that you can build around, for the future. The 2010 draft is also supposed to be one of the best drafts in years. Take the players that are not going to be part of the  equation in five years, and trade them for what you can get.

This is the NFL.  It does not take 5 years to turn around a franchise.  The Rams are a barren landscape of young, inexperienced players and they can still be turned around in 2 more years.  With two more good drafts and some smart free agent pickups, the Rams could be back in contention, especially in the terrible NFC West.

Not a fire sale, as some teams have. There is no way Chris Long of James Laurinaitis would be traded, Frazier would build the defense around them. But players like Steven Jackson, who is valued at probably a first round pick to the right team.

I agree on point 1. Long and Laurinaitis are not going anywhere.  But, why would the Rams trade their best player, the only player they have on offense for a middle to late first round pick?  It makes no sense and we will not discuss it further.  I understand it in the case of the five year plan, but the five year plan is bogus and so is trading Steven Jackson.  And lastly, what do you call “trading your best player” if not a fire sale?

If you look at two of the most successful teams in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, they do not go out and break the bank with free agents. They build their team through the draft, which is exactly what St. Louis needs to do.

I don’t know if you have been paying attention, Nick, but it looks like you haven’t.  The Rams are building their team through the draft.  New GM Billy Devaney has had two drafts under his belt and the Rams talent is starting to show, if they could only just stay healthy.  The Rams fill a few holes through free agency, with Jason Brown and James Butler, but focus on getting talent through the draft.


Why not?  Players with the most skill and the ability to play in the NFL are drafted in the first round and usually at the top of the first round.  Matthew Stafford, Marc Sanchez, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, etc.  The Rams need talent and especially at the quarterback position.  The best place to find a talented QB is at the top of the first round.  It is time for the Rams to pull the trigger.  If the Rams are going to rebuild right, they need to focus the team around a young franchise QB.

The QB’s coming out are decent, but you are not on a win now plan, you are on a five year plan. Draft someone in the second or third round (Tim Tebow, anyone?)

Anyone who mentions Tim Tebow and the St. Louis Rams in a sentence deserves to be destroyed line by line on the internet.  Sadly, not for the last time: Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB.  He doesn’t have a good enough arm or accuracy and now with the concussion, he has an injury history.  Just say no.  And also, Tebow won’t last until the second round.  Someone will take him as a FB/RB/Talisman.  Secondly, drafting a QB is never a “win now” proposition.  It just so happens that a few franchises have placed a rookie QB in and have had great seasons.  That won’t happen every year(see Detroit and New York Jets) and drafting a QB is the ultimate project.

who can develop into the position, and keep Marc Bulger until he does.

Bulger is done in St. Louis after this season.  I can’t see Bulger making it too many more seasons as a starting QB in the NFL.  He could be a successful backup for a few years, however.  Just not in St. Louis.

With your first three picks … you take the best available player. With three impact players, even if one of them is a bust, you still have two potential game changers.

In every round after that, take the players that are rated highest on your board.

Now, there’s a great idea!  Actually drafting the players that are highest on your board.  Man, I bet the Rams wish they had thought of that one now.

This is really the only way things are going to turn around, and it is not going to happen over night. … The only question is, are the fans going to be patient enough?

The Rams are almost a year into their rebuilding.  There is no reason to start over now.  Even if the fans are not patient, when the Rams are turned around, the fans will be back.  It will not take 5 years, but Nick is right, it will not happen overnight.

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  1. RamsHerd says:

    Brutal, but necessary. I think I lost brain cells reading the original article.

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