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Rush Limbaugh Bids To Buy Rams

News has come out over the past few days about a bids to buy the Rams by a group headed by Rush Limbaugh and a group headed by St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts.  But, St. Louis Post-Dispatch has learned that the two are joining forces to submit a bit on the Rams.

First, the good news.  If a group lead by Dave Checketts, owner of the Blues, purchases the 60% stake in the Rams, the Rams will not be able to leave St. Louis.  Because of the NFL’s ownership rules, Checketts can own two sports teams, but they both have to be in the same city.  Considering that Checketts is a new owner of the Blues, he wouldn’t be in a hurry to sell the Blues to move the Rams.  Additionally, Rush Limbaugh is from Cape Girardeau, MO, so he will have a vested interest in keeping the Rams in St. Louis.

Now, the bad news.  Rush Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh and a lot of people really hate him.  If Limbaugh buys the Rams, it will vault the Rams back into the national spotlight, but not for their play on the field, but because of Rush Limbaugh.  The Rams will find their way to late-night TV punchlines, Pardon the Interruption punchlines and non-sports news.

But, any press is good press, right?

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42 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Bids To Buy Rams”

  1. john says:

    “god help the league”- if this a-hole is let in.

  2. Leeroyski says:

    So Rush Limbaugh is aiming to become a part-owner of the Rams. I guess the team won’t be drafting any black quarterbacks from now on. (But at least they’ll play pain-free!!!!)

  3. steve says:

    To fulfill a dream, good on him.

  4. Citizen Twenty says:

    No amount of losing games could top what complete, ‘effing losers the rams will be if this pile of blabbering excrement is allowed to buy the team.
    I’ve been a Rams fan since 1967…
    If Rush Limbaugh is part of the ownership group which purchases the team I’m totally finished with the Rams…

    Thinking back…
    I always thought it would only be a lack of decent performance and play which would cause me to stop giving a damn about how they were doing.
    But then again, I never surmised that a slightly polished David Duke type might end up owning the team.

  5. Jason says:

    I’m no Rush Limbaugh fan, but if he has the money to make the purchase, so be it and END OF STORY! After all, this is STILL the United States Of America! Whatever it takes to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

    • Ron H. says:

      “I hope he fails.”

      (Oops. I think someone else may have used that line.)

      • Doug says:

        You seem to be a very foolish person. What does China have to do with anything? Rush Limbaugh is the most listened to broadcaster in the US. He can only bring good exposure to the team. And… I would like to add, the only relationship I can see to this deal and China is the fact that a small group of elite,very wealthy people have formed a little network where a persons political beliefs could possibly get them banished from “society”. Maybe If Rush goes to one of those re-education camps and gets is mind right he can buy the RAMS.

    • Ray says:

      So, if China decides to buy the Rams, that’s OK too.

  6. Lonsman says:

    Just another nail in the Rams coffin. Los Angeles, St. Louis, which town will be next?

    • Kads says:

      I hope NFL ownership is smart enough to not let someone as divisive and bigoted as Rush Limbaugh into their ranks. And if they do they will deserve everything they reap for it.

      Football is a team sport, I don’t think Rush Limbaugh can even spell “team”.

  7. Mark says:

    Rush is probably just buying the team because he thinks he will have cheap labor to do his landscaping. I can’t imagine what player would be willing to play for the Rams if his bid were accepted.

  8. Bob says:

    I have read several comments over this I’m not a Rush fan nor against, however if Rush does not buy them someone else will and then all of you that love the game as I do will cry when the new owner takes them to another city. You need to face the facts or get out we live in the USA “Freedom”

  9. smurf says:

    fuck that block him out

  10. Deidra says:

    He says he’s not a racist, but he sure talks like one. That’s just not a good look for the rams! I will root for every team that plays them…sorry fellas…

    • Doug says:

      I was wondering if you have some direct quotes or possibly some transcrips to back up your statements. Oh….I didnt think so. So you as a liberal figure anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe should not be able to buy a business? Who is the biggot in this situation? I believe you just said you dont like White Males. You racist pig!! See how that works Deidra? You might want to have some facts before you label someone as a racist.

  11. Mark says:

    Cry about them leaving? When was the last time you were at a game. The stadium has been half empty since 2001. Give me a break. If you want to go to a game go downtown before the game. I have seen tickets under people’s windshield wipers.

  12. Paula Mathis says:

    I can’t believe how ugly everyone from every political party, every area of the country, and every race has become. Nothing is civil. The things I read here are disgusting. We can never go back; our decency is gone, forever.

  13. big Will says:

    Ithe likes of Rush limbaugh are allowed to an NFL team.I don’t know what to say for country.It might as well be 1968 again.

  14. smurf says:

    he just want 2 have power and boss blacks around find him and tell him fuck him and the horse he rode in on

  15. Mark says:

    Paula, we are talking about football not American Girl Dolls. But I appreciate your optimistic outlook on the future.

  16. J Dean says:

    If you really want to know what’s in a person, put the squeeze on ‘em – while Rush Limbaugh has the right to own a NFL team it doesn’t change the fact he would be a liability versus an asset to the NFL – in my opinion he is indeed a racist, no one could spew that much poison unless it is in your heart and if he is doing it to keep ratings up for his radio show it makes it even sadder because either way he’s either being driven by mere hatred for a certain group of people or for the love of money….

  17. big Will says:

    If the likes of Rush limbaugh are allowed to own an NFL team.I don’t know what to say for country.If might as well be 1968 again.

  18. Kim says:

    If Rush buys the Rams then he can take them somewhere else! We certainly won’t support them! He isn’t deserving of St. Louis! I’d rather see them go! Is this RUSH L. thing a BAD DREAM? Someone wake me up when its all over! PLEASE!

  19. Clint says:

    I’m a die hard rams fan and we suck, so who cares who the owner is as long as he brings home championships i could care less what his beliefs are. You idiots don’t realize that almost all the owners are white and you dont think that some of them are racists. just cause they dont come out and say it to the public they are…trust me. you have to be stupid to believe they aren’t…its all about money and whether you are white or black as long as you are making them money you get to stay and when you don’t…goodbye.

    • al says:

      we have to deal with it when we are confronted with it. this man has shone nothing but contempt for people of color
      .where is your self respect?

  20. Mary says:

    Rush L. is a RACIST! He can’t stand that we have a black President. He thinks it he can own a team, he can control something or someone. Its sad that his racist listeners has given him millions to be in the situation to even buy a team.

  21. Steve says:

    My condolences to all rams fans. You’ve suffered enough. There are a lot of crazy owners in the NFL (Jerry Jones, Al Davis, etc.) but this beats all. Jump ship before it’s too late.

  22. OC says:

    Rush is an asshole and shouldn’t be allowed to own a team. He is divisive and a race bidder. Freedom of speech is a right but with freedom comes responsibility. Rush is a punck and a drug addict. Rush needs to focus on illegal drugs and leave the ownership of football to decent ladies and gentleman. I hope your effort fails. now how does that feels druggee?

  23. Leo says:

    This man is a racist and anyone listening to him and don’t acknowledge these fact are among the same group of people that saw the Rodney King beating and felt that he (Rodney King) was in total control of that situation while getting beat nearly to death by a bunch of “legal” gang(Police)members. A comment was made during a news cast of this beating some woman I guess representing the racist side of American society tells one to not believe what you are seeing with your own eyes, but let me tell you the truth here. In closing, I’ll take a clip from Snoopy Doggs stand as portraying the young under aged girls in bakini as “Eye Candy”. Rush is “Ear Candy” for the far right/conservative individuals. Rush, “Do the NFL and America a favor and leave this football stuff alone and stick to the radio rants of how bad you want the President to fail even if it means America failing.

  24. Leo says:

    I can only say to the Rams fans, remember the backlash the Cincinatti Reds got when it was reviled that this lady name “Marg or Margie something but she was the owner of the team and how the racist comments affected the team so negatively. You know what this man brings to the table and can’t expect anything good to come your way by bringing such a controversial individual into your organization.

  25. Essie H. says:

    I dont Like Rush L. at all,I think he is a raciest.I will pray for him, because that’s what he needs.

  26. JimBarry says:

    what’s the problem? what has happened to this country??? when was the owning of a business up for a vote by the people? to not allow someone to purchase a business because you disagree with their politics is called fascism. it’s funny to see the liberals so darned non-tolerant. i think that is quite hypocritical. most folks who “hate” Rush have never listened to him.

    • Mark says:

      It is not specifically directed to the politics. It is directed at the man. That is unless you are saying that all conservatives are racists, which I hope is not the case. You shouldn’t make broad statements about what other people do. I have listened to Rush on many occasions, only to eventually have to turn off the radio in disgust. The problem with this country is the sheep like you that can’t formulate an opinion yourselves. You are the problem with this country.

  27. Patti says:

    I’ve been a Rams fan for 40 years. I stayed through the good years and the BAD years. I stayed when they moved from LA to St Louis. I won’t stay if Rush is part owner.

  28. St. Louis Beauty says:

    All Rush is missing is his WHITE SHEET! Maybe he’s changed…but then again you can put a monkey in a suit & it’s still a monkey. Rush has no dignity or integrity to be part of the NFL. All fans & all players of all teams should boycott because he can’t fire the whole team. As a St. Louisian all my life-50+yrs. I’m proud of my state & my teams. Win or lose I stand behind them. Sports has no place for bigotts, politics or religion. He’s nothing but a big mouth discriminatory sh-t disturber. He’s too controversial a person to be in charge of anything but himself. Isn’t it bad enough that Anheiser-Bush was sold??? Do we have to withstand this embarrassment too?? All his money to purchase anything is tainted with hate. What Rush needs is a Ram up his ass…Boom!!!!!

  29. Brian Clarke says:

    Let’s look at what makes the St. Louis Cardinals such a value to the St. ouis. A doctor, a teacher, a maintenance worker, a janitor and a CEO of a large corporation can all talk to one another about the Cardinals in a sense of brotherhood. They owner of the team understand that spirit of the team actually belongs to all of us. The Cardinals unite our city and represent us to the world in a way we like. Rush Limbaugh is a proven divider of people. He is the very opposite of what makes the Cardinals a model franchise. The Rams will never have full community support if Rush or anyone like him (from the left or the right) is part of the ownership.

  30. Jason says:

    It looks like Rush is out. So, I guess there is NO point of posting anything further on the subject. The still-positive point here is that the local-group who wants to keep the Rams in St. Louis is moving forward to buy and keep the team there. Going back to Rush or whomeever joins the buyer’s group: I’m NO proponent of Rush Limbaugh or ANY political pundit on either side of the aisle. However, if Rush Limbaugh or whomever has the money to put forth, they should NOT be blocked. Isn’t this still a capitalist economy? This includes the polar opposites of Rush: Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or whoever. If they wanted to buy into the team, I would say “great” – especially if it meant keeping the Rams in St. Louis. Realistically, aren’t they just as devisive as Rush Limbaugh? When it comes down to it, does anybody really know the true political views of the other NFL owners? NO! Obviously, Rush is an exception because his views are well known. Regardless, he would not be the sole-owner and the group would run it as the business that it is. Regarding the players who said they would boycott games in St. Louis: wouldn’t that be breach of contract? As mentioned above, do they know the political-views of the other oweners? If they find out and disagree, will they boycott games in those cities? If the group is sold to another group that ends up moving the team OUT of St. Louis – that would be worse than Rush Limbaugh being “PART” of a “GROUP” that would keep the team IN St. Louis. ALL of those who seem to care so much about this in the HERE and NOW and have spoken out against the deal won’t care either way if the team leaves St. Louis.

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