Rams and Goff Come Up Short Against Redskins

A very tough loss for the Rams.  All day long it felt like the Redskins wanted to win a little bit more than we did.  In the first half Redskins running backs with a lot of help from their offensive line wrecked havoc on the Rams defense, but in the 3rd quarter the Rams were able to make adjustments bringing the Skin’s running game to a near halt.  During this time Rams RB Gurley showed glimpses of greatness reminiscent of his rookie year.  Gurley finished the game with 85 yards rushing and another 48 receiving.  He also scored 2 TDs including a 18 yard scoring reception in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

The Rams defense regressed in the 4th quarter where Skins running backs (primarily Perine) had there way with them again.  Late in the 4th quarter the Skins ate up 5 and half minutes of clock as they drove from their own 30 yard line all the way to the Rams end zone.  The drive culminated with a 11 yard pass from QB Cousins to WR Grant.  With just under 2 minutes remaining the score was Redskins 27-Rams 20.  So with everything said in done… our fate was still in our own hands.  We had possession, almost 2 minutes of playing time, and a time out.

For the great teams this is all you could really ask for at the end of the game, but for a rebuilding team and our 2nd year QB (Jared Goff) the moment was too big.  Goff takes the snap and literally telegraphs his pass for an easy interception by Skins defender Foster.  With 1:37 remaining this game is over.  No loss really comes down to a single play, but nobody likes going down like this.

So… the Rams go to 1-1 for the season.  Next week we take on the struggling SF 49ers in SF.  Every week we have an opportunity.  Do we learn from our mistakes and become a better team or do we take a step backwards?  Recent Jeff Fischer Rams lead efforts fell short.  I’m sure we’re all looking forward to seeing what Sean McVay and the new coaching regime are able to accomplish.  Have a great week and go Rams!!!

Redskins vs Rams – 1st Half Summary

The Rams come out flat against the Redskins and then close the half playing in an equally lack luster fashion.  In between it comes down to the Rams defensive line being totally manhandled by the Redskins.  For the half, the Redskins averaged 8.4 yards per rushing carry.  Most of that damage was done by the Skins #1 running back Kelley who went 12 for 79.  Luckily for the Rams Kelley was injured shortly after the start of the 2nd quarter.  Unfortunately, his backup Thompson went nearly untouched on an explosive 61 yard touch down run.

The only thing keeping the Rams within striking distance was a 69 yard reception by receiver Everett leading to a Gurley goal line TD run.  At the half the score is Skins 20 – Rams 10.  If the Rams are going to make this a competitive outing the run defense has got to pull it together.  We need more offensive productions as well.  The Rams netted 20 yards of rushing yards in the first half.  Take out Everett’s reception and the Rams are only looking at another 70 yards receiving.  That kind of output is simply  insufficient to give the Rams a ‘W’ in this game.

Lots of game time left.  Let’s go Rams!

Rams Add Two Years to Punter Johnny Hekker’s Deal

The Rams tacked on two additional years to punter Johnny Hekker’s contract Monday, keeping him with the team through the 2022 season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports via Alden Gonzalez of ESPN.com.

The deal gives Hekker $10 million guaranteed, the most ever for a punter, according to Schefter.

Hekker has been named first-team All-Pro three times in six NFL seasons. Last year, he downed an NFL-record 51 punts inside the opponents’ 20-yard line. Three years earlier, he set a record with a 44.2-yard net average on 78 punts.

Rams Dominate Colts in 2017 Opener

It’s been a long time since I could say this, but the Rams dominated their (2017) opening day opponent.  The Rams scored more today than in all of 2016.  Ok not literally, but the Rams scored points from almost every direction.  We scored points on field goals, we scored points on interceptions, we scored points on pass receptions, we scored points rushing the ball, heck we even scored points on a safety.  I’m recording this game, making duplicates, and the next time we have a bad day… I’m breaking it out to keep the hope alive.

I’ll say it once, because all of our haters are thinking it… We beat an Andrew Luck-less Colts team today so it means nothing.  You know what I have to say to that?  When a good team plays a bad team they’re expected to beat the crap out of them.  And that’s exactly what we did today.  Now go away haters and Colts fans.

We won’t talk much about Colts QB Scott Tolzien because as I mentioned earlier, he’s not Andrew Luck.  But our QB Jared Goff had a career pro day.  Goff completed 21 of 29 passes for 306 yards, 1 TD, and no interceptions.  I’ve been a Goff critic, but if the Rams continue to get such powerful contributions from all sides of the ball, he’s got a great chance for a phenomenal season.  Goff received some help from rookie WR and late round draft pick Cooper Kupp.  Kupp, out of Eastern Washington College,  produced 4 receptions for 76 yards and a TD.  Let’s be clear that the MVP of this game would have to be Rams new head coach Sean McVay who engineered a solid performance from the entire team.

Next week the Rams take on the Redskins for a consecutive home game.  The Skins dropped their home opener today against the Eagles.  They’ll come into LA looking for redemption, but none will be found.  Look for the Rams to go up 2-0.  Have a great week Rams fans.  Go Rams!!!

HOF RB Eric Dickerson to Ink One-Day Deal and Retire with the Rams

The Rams announced on Tuesday, the Rams will sign Eric Dickerson to a one-day contract so that he can officially retire with the organization, Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports.

“While Eric has always been a member of the Rams family, we believe that it was time to officially cement his legacy as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, as his accomplishments and contributions to our franchise deserve to be celebrated and remembered forever,” Kevin Demoff, the Rams’ chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Dickerson played his first four-plus NFL seasons with the Rams before he was traded the Indianapolis Colts. He also played for the Los Angeles Raiders before finishing his career with the Atlanta Falcons.

“It feels amazing to sign this contract and officially be a Los Angeles Ram for life,” Dickerson said in a statement. “My passion for this organization during my playing days and for the players wearing Rams jerseys now, is undeniable.

“This is where my career started and this is where my heart is, so closing this chapter with the Rams back in Los Angeles feels right.”

Former Rams Coach Mike Martz Denies Making Harsh Comments Regarding Sean McVay

AP Photos

Former NFL coach Mike Martz denied making harsh comments attributed to him in an upcoming book about whether rookie coach Sean McVay is capable of having an impact on second-year Rams quarterback Jared Goff, ESPN reports.

In the book “Blitzed: Why NFL Teams Gamble on Starting Rookie Quarterbacks,” due out in September, Martz was asked whether McVay can make a difference with Goff. Goff appeared in seven games last season under veteran coach Jeff Fisher. An excerpt was obtained by ESPN.

“What is he, a couple of months older than Jared? They hired a buddy for Jared,” Martz was quoted as saying in the book. “The NFL has nothing to do with being the friend or the buddy of the quarterback. You’ve got to coach them and work them hard with respect. But buddy? And this guy is a quarterback expert? An offensive expert? Wait a minute while I puke.”

McVay was hired at the end of last season just before he turned 31, making him the youngest head coach in modern NFL history. Goff will turn 23 in October.

In an interview Tuesday on ESPN LA 710, Martz said the quote in its entirety was “not accurate.”

“I would never say something like that. [The quote] was kind of embellished. It was a very short interview, and I think what I told [author Thomas George] was there’s only a couple years’ difference between them, and they probably brought him in because of his ability to communicate. With [Goff], you want somebody more his age, I guess. But all of that other garbage, I would never say something like that.”

Rams QB Jared Goff Gets Surprise Heli Ride Over Future Football Stadium

L.A. Rams QB Jared Goff had yet to set eyes on the Inglewood, Calif. spot where a new stadium is being built for the team – until now. Actor and director Michael Rapaport swooped in on a startled Goff while at a workout session, and proceeded to take him on a stunning aerial tour of LA that also included an eye-opening journey over fellow quarterback Tom Brady’s place.

“That’s where we’re going to be chilling, man,” Rappaport said to Goff. “It’s you, me…we kick Tom Brady out.”

There were also a few scary moments for Goff, who had this to say to the heli operator:

“I feel like we’re going to hit these rocks.”

“I need you to get off your phone.”

“Going a little low over this mountain here, my guy.”

After a comedic view of Rapaport’s house, the unexpected expedition ended with a birds-eye view of the new $2.6 billion stadium that will be completed in time for the 2020 NFL season.

“This is my first time seeing it,” Goff told redbull.com. “This might be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Rams DT Aaron Donald Not Feeling Good About Holdout Says Teammate Michael Brockers

(AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is holding out of camp for a new contract but it doesn’t mean he’s feeling good about it, Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register reports.

“Oh yeah, it’s killing him right now,” fellow defensive lineman Michael Brockers said after Sunday’s camp practice at UC Irvine. “I know it is. He cannot wait until this contract thing is over. … You text him just to check in, and he lets us know that he’s still working and stuff like that. We know he’s not letting off in any way. We know he’s going to come back in shape and be the same Aaron he was before.”

Coach Sean McVay has emphasized this week that the Rams are working to get a deal done with Donald and that, while he’s out, other defensive linemen are improving. That’s true, but none of them are Donald.

There’s no replacing a three-time Pro Bowl selection who has 28 sacks in 48 NFL games. In the Rams’ new 3-4 scheme, Dominique Easley and Ethan Westbrooks have been lining up alongside Brockers, but as the Aug. 12 preseason opener draws near, Donald isn’t getting repetitions in the new defense.

At some point, the Rams need Donald, as they need to learn how to work around the defense’s most dominant force. But the Rams seem convinced that when Donald does return, it will be a seamless fit.

“Mostly you miss his personality, having him around,” Brockers said. “You know what he’s going to do on the field, so you know what you’re getting when he gets back. You just miss his personality during some of these hard practices, where he might make a joke or jump on your back, something to pick us up. That’s what people don’t realize. He brings a lot of personality to the defensive line as well.”

Teammates have been supportive of Donald’s absence. A fan brought a sign to practice with a picture of Donald and the words “pay the man,” and linebacker Robert Quinn signed it.

Brockers is no stranger to this. Last September, a week into the season, Brockers signed a three-year, $33.1 million contract. Brockers had entered the final year of his contract, and while Donald still has two years remaining on his current deal, Brockers said teammates want to see Donald get paid.

“It’s hard to not do that when a guy has put in so much work,” Brockers said. “He has worked so hard and been tremendous for this team. It’s hard not to want that for him. So yeah, we’re right with him and we support him. We’re just waiting for him to get back.”