Rams Beat Cardinals 32-16

The first quarter was a beautiful thing to watch as the Rams opened up a 16-0 lead.  The energy was high, the passing patterns were crisp, and the timing routes were… well, they were well timed.  Starting the 2nd quarter the Rams settled into more of a grind it out mode.  The Cardinals scored the next 2 TDs (a goal line rush by RB Penny and a 15 yard TD strike to WR Fitzgerald).  The Rams retained their poise as they drove the field and tacked on a 20 yard Zuerlein FG.

The Rams lead was never challenged in the second half.  They scored the only touchdown in the 3rd quarter on a 11 yard Goff pass to Sammy Watkins.  Both Rams RB Gurley and Cardinals WR Fitzgerald had stellar games.  Not sure it’s correct to say they cancelled each other out, but I would say the Rams defensive line was the difference maker.  The D-Line pressured Cardinals QB Gabbert throughout the game.  By the end of the day they had racked up six big fat nasty sacks.  Final score Rams 32-Cardinals 16.

Next week’s game will be the Rams biggest game of the 2017 regular season.  In addition to needing a big offensive effort, the Rams defensive secondary, injuries and all, have got to have a phenomenal game if they plan on beating the top team in the NFC (Eagles).

PS The Rams are 9-3 and have secured a winning season for the first time since 2003.  GO RAMS!!!!

Rams Get Clutch Win Against Saints

Time will tell, but the Rams 26-20 win over the Saints could be a season defining victory.  Going into the game the Rams were an untested 7-3 team.  Today they faced off against a Saints team that had just run off 8 wins in a row; against Drew Brees and Sean Payton who know how to win.  Brees is the kind of QB you want on your team when you’re down a couple scores in the 4th quarter.  On the other hand Jared Goff and Sean McVay are for the most part unknown commodities.

McVay and Goff showed a lot of guts while under pressure today.  McVay with his play calling and Goff with execution.  Up 10 points the Rams got the ball back with 7:55 remaining in the 4th.  The Rams of old would have called 3 running plays and then kicked the ball away.  Instead McVay called 6 passing plays which moved the ball,  created first downs, and ran the clock.  Of course in between passes RB Gurley did a good job of keeping the drive alive.

It’s these kinds of wins that build character and confidence.  Plus with this win the Rams are guaranteed to not have a losing season.  The Rams have put the NFC on notice.  The Rams are a bonafided playoff contender (of course we’ve got to get through those stinking Eagles…).  Go Rams!

Ram Dominate Giants

Dang.  Except for a small part of my heart that feels sorry for the NY Giants (we were 4-12 just last year Rams fans) this game has been a beautiful thing to watch.  One explosive play after another… Watkins, Gurley, Woods.   Dang.  The game isn’t even over… well when the 3rd quarter ends and you’re up 48-10, the game is over.  Right now most of the Rams starters are watching the game from the sidelines.  Major contributors to this soon to be victory?

  1. A solid performance by the front lines on both sides of the ball.  Eli Manning was sacked twice while Jared Goff stayed upright.
  2. A very calm and cool Rams QB Jared Goff who tossed 4 TD passes and had a QB rating of 146.8.
  3. Diverse offensive play calling and a generous distribution of passing targets.  5 Rams receivers racked in over 40 yards in receptions (Woods, Watkins, Everett, Kupp, and Gurley).
  4. Another great performance by Todd Gurley.  Once again he earned over 100 yards in all purpose yards.
  5. And if we’re really honest, the Giants definitely contributed to their own loss.  Between turnovers and blown coverages… they were their own worse enemy today.

At 6-2 the battle is on to hang onto the NFC West’s top position.  Next week the Rams take on a struggling Houston Texans who drop to 3-5 today after a heart breaking loss to a bad Colts team.  Next week’s game is at home Rams fan.  Let’s go Rams!!!

Final Score Rams 51, Giants 17

Rams Win in London – Yeah Baby Yeah

The Rams looked shag-a-licious in London.  The Rams haven’t had a lot of success in the mother land, but all that changed today.  The Rams treated the Cardinals like a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys as they trounced the Cardinals 33-0.  Take a look at these offensive stats:

Stat Name
First Downs 10 28
Passes for First 8 14
Rushes for First 1 11
Penalties for First 1 3
Third Down Efficiency 3-11 13-19
Total Yards 189 425
Total Plays 47 78
Avg Gain Per Play 4 5.4
Net Yards Rushing 25 197
Rushes 12 40
Yards Per Rush 2.1 4.9

The Rams were successful on 13-19 third down attempts, the defense held an Adrian Peterson led offensive back field to 25 total rushing yards, and our own RB Todd Gurley had another 100 plus yard rushing game.  Combine this with a methodical performance by Ram QB Jared Goff and you have a recipe for success.  So enjoy your bangers and mash Rams fans.  Your LA Rams lead the NFC West with a record of 5-2.

Next week the Rams take on the very beatable NY Giants in NY.  The Rams have to stay humble and show up prepared, but this gridiron showdown should end in a Rams win.  Have a great week Rams fans.  GO RAMS!!!



Rams Beat Jags on the Road

Todays game had an explosive start.  Rams KR Pharoh Cooper caught the ball 3 yards inside the Rams end zone.  A few seconds later he had sprinted past the entire Jacksonville squad for an opening 103 yard TD return.  Not to be out done, on the very next possession Jags RB Fournette rushed right up the middle for 75 yards and back to back touch downs.

We caught our breath and then settled into what would be a very solid performance and victory by the Rams.  Rams QB Goff had a statistically average game, but he didn’t make any big mistakes.  124 passing yards to 6 different receivers and a TD and no turnovers was enough.  RB Gurley had another stellar performance with 21 rushes for 116 yards.  An offense becomes so much more efficient when it is not one dimensional.

Today’s victory against the Jags was important for a couple reasons:

1 Last year the Rams were 3-1 and leading the NFC West when suddenly everything fell apart.  The only other Rams win was earned in Week 10 against the NY Jets.  Beating the now 3-3 Jags on the road is a good sign that we’re not about to step into that same lifeless black hole.

2 With a 7 point lead and 7:40 remaining on the clock, the Rams offense began a methodical descent upon the field of play.  They marched down to the Jags 11 yard line, devoured over five minutes of clock time, and forced the Jags to start using precious time outs.  It was a text book example of how to close out a game.  With 2:32 remaining Zuerlein kicked a field goal and effectively sealed the win.  The Rams haven’t been able to close a game like this in a long time.

Next week we take on an average Cardinals team at home.  Another chance for the Rams to prove themselves.  Have a great week and GO RAMS!!!


Rams Upset Cowboys on the Road

It was a tale of 2 halves.  The Rams were clearly outplayed in the first half, but despite the Cowboys dropping 3 TDs on the Rams in the 2nd quarter, the score going into halftime was only Rams 16 – Cowboys 24.  In the second half a different Rams squad came onto the field.  In the second half the Rams defense rose up and controlled the Cowboys offense.  With a little more than 9 minutes remaining in the game the Rams had scored 19 unanswered points.  The Rams then got conservation right at the end of the 4th which could have been costly.  In the last 3 minutes they had a decision to play for the win or play it safe and settle for a  FG.  They played it safe which in my book was the wrong call.  Luckily, the Rams defense did their jobs and forced the Cowboys to give up the ball on downs.  Game over baby.

Main contributors in Rams victory:

1 Special teams play – Pharoh Cooper had 4 returns for a total of 123 yards.   Good field position makes a difference in both moral and the pace of the game. And kicker Greg Zuerlein had a record setting performance kicking 7 field goals in a single game.  3 of those field goals were over 40 yards.

2 The Rams defense came up big.  In the 4th quarter ILB Mark Barron came up with a clutch interception keeping the Cowboys from building momentum.  The Rams defense put a lot of pressure on Cowboys QB Prescott and sacked him 3 times on the day.

3 Todd Gurley and Todd Gurley – Why 2 Todd Gurley’s?  Because Gurley had a major impact on both the running game and the receiving game.  On the ground he rushed 23 times for 121 yards.  In the air he went 7 for 94 and a wicked 53 yard TD reception in the 3rd quarter.

The Rams continue to receive strong contributions from rookie WR Cooper Kupp who today chipped in another 5 receptions for 60 yards and a TD.

Not only are the Rams proving for the first time in many years they have a competent offense, they’re also starting to show signs of character.  Signs of a winning character.  Today’s victory gives us a 3-1 record and puts us at the top of the NFC West.  Next week the Rams go back home and take on the vulnerable Seahawks.  That should be an exciting contest.  Have a great week Rams fans.  Go Rams!!!


The Rams Offense Is Back!

The Rams once again put up some big numbers in their nail biting win over the SF 49ers (41-39).  Did some one say “The Greatest Show on Turf”?  After 3 games that’s what the offensive numbers are looking like.  After 3 games Jared Goff (mostly) has passed for almost 1,000 yards (988), Todd Gurley has rushed for 241 yards, and the Rams have scored 107 points.  Did we score 107 points all last year?  Ok we did…  I count 224 points for all of 2016.  I think this 2017 offense might be onto something.

In the last 8 minutes of tonight’s game everyone who wasn’t on the offense did everything they could to lose the game (except LB Mark Barron who made a potentially game saving tackle).  Now to be fair, after all of this happened and continued to happen, the Rams goal line defense played some serious football.  The 49ers needed a 2 point conversion to tie the game and the Rams defense man-d up and shut them down.

All and all I’m not that worried about a Wade Phillips defense.  They were man handled by the Redskins last week and were in disarray tonight, but I think they’ll get better.  This offense of ours though… this could be exciting.  I’m very excited about next week’s matchup against the Cowboys.  After a Thursday night game we’ve got lots of time for the defense to get their butts chewed and lots of time for everyone to get some rest.  Let’s go Rams!!!

Rams Survive Wild Win in San Francisco as They Top Niners 41-39

The Rams rebounded on Thursday night with one of, if not the greatest Thursday night game in NFL history, as they held off the San Fran 49’ers 41-39 in San Francisco.

Los Angeles was led by Todd Gurley, who ran for 113 yards and three touchdowns in the win. Quarterback Jared Goff threw for 292 yards and three scores in the win.

The Rams led the game all night, as they built leads of 27-13 and 41-26, but the 49’ers would simply not go away, closing it to 41-39 and then recovering an onside kick.

From there the Rams held 49’ers QB Brian Hoyer in check, as they were able to stop him and any more Niners points to seal the huge win.

Hoyer threw for 332 yards with a touchdown and pick for the Niners, who have yet to win in three tries in 2017.

With the win the Rams are now 2-1 on the season.