Rams vs Titans – Preseason Game 2

ramsWith Red

The numbers just speak for themselves…

1st Qtr                                                  Rams                     Titans

TTL Offense                                       25                           100

1st Downs                                           2                              6

Rushing yards                                    10                           48

Penalty yards                                     25                           10

At The Half

TTL Offense                                        84                           226

1st Downs                                           4                              13

Rushing yards                                    33                           76

Penalty yards                                     25                           15

Nick Foles played the entire 1st quarter.  He went 3 of 7 for 18 yards.  He had a pick 6 and his QB rating was an abysmal 10.7.  He missed badly on multiple passes. The Rams offense didn’t give up any sacks, but they also didn’t move the line for our running backs.

The Rams defense was terrible.  The Titans O-line was constantly creating big holes up front and the Rams defensive secondary missed many first contact tackles.  We were looking for improvement in this the 2nd preseason game, but we didn’t get it.  At the half the score is 20-0 Titans (could have been worse; an open Titan receiver dropped a TD pass).

Kicker Zuerlein shanked what would have been a 52 yard field goal and punter Hekker chimed in with a miskick giving the Titans possession at mid-field.  My halftime grade for the Rams is a D (poor).  In the second have the first stringers are out so this game is effectively over.  Next week we will again be looking for improvement, but since we’ve played so bad against the 2-14 Titans, not sure what to expect next week against a good Colts team.  ???

Have a great week Rams fans!


Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Season With New Rams Cans

St. Louis Rams Bud Light Can

Just in time for NFL Kick-Off, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is bringing a new Rams Bud Light can to St. Louis. The new packaging features Rams colors, as well as a slogan every Rams fan can relate to: The perfect beer for toasting the defense, and the ravioli.

Bud Light worked closely with its NFL team partners to create new can designs for the 28 teams that it is partners with for the 2015-2016 season. Each design features a customized scroll message that speaks directly to each team’s passionate fan base. The cans are on shelves now.

What do you think of the new Bud Light Rams can?

Rams vs Raiders: 2015 NFL Preseason Game 1

St. Louis Rams vs. Oakland Raiders

Friday night’s contest concluded with the score Rams 3 – Raiders 18.  All night I found myself telling myself, “It’s just a preseason game… it’s just a preseason game… it’s just a preseason game…”

The Rams came out of the gate strong.  Rams QB Nick Foles tossed a 26 yard pass to Lance Kendricks followed by a 35 yard strike to Tavon Austin (most of the yards gained after the catch).  This landed the Rams on the Raiders goal line.  Unfortunately, the Rams were unable to get into the end zone and settled for a field goal.  More unfortunately, this was practically the only challenging and aggressive offensive play by the Rams all night.  The Rams offensive line gave up three sacks and the team as a whole coughed up 10 penalties for 75 yards (compared to the 2 penalties for 22 yards posted by the Raiders).

“It’s just a preseason game… it’s just a preseason game… it’s just a preseason game…”

And, it really is only a preseason game and Coach Fisher is notorious for not caring about the outcome of preseason games.  I was in the crowd Friday night and the Raiders seemed much more energized and prepared than the Rams.  But to be fair, the Rams star running back Tre Mason only saw 2 touches.   Not enough action to warrant any kind of  judgement.  The most important things for Rams fans is to see a progressive improvement across the preseason.  Other highlights of the night include 2 Rams INTs (Imoan Claiborne and Trumaine Johnson) and a solid performance from WR Chris Givens who gave us 4 receptions for 36 yards and a 16 yard run to the left.

A lot more preparation to be done before the regular season.  Go Rams!!!

Rams Ink QB Nick Foles To Two-Year Extension Through 2017


Rams have signed quarterback Nick Foles to a two-year extension through 2017 according to Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network.

Foles had one of the best years ever for an NFL quarterback in 2013 as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, throwing for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions, but fell back to earth in 2014. The Rams, exasperated by the back-to-back ACL surgeries for former No.1 overall pick Sam Bradford, swapped QBs with the Eagles this offseason.

ESPN stated the following about the deal:

The extension is for two years on top of the one year Foles had remaining on his rookie contract and could keep the quarterback with the Rams through the 2017 season.

Sources told ESPN that the deal is worth $24.5 million, giving Foles three years and $26 million when combined with the existing year. The 2017 season can be voided based on team wins and if he makes the Pro Bowl, a source said.

2015 St Louis Rams – Contender or Rebuilding

Tre Mason

The NFL 2015 preseason opens for the Rams in 2 weeks.  The Rams will be taking on the much improved (but still not very good) Oakland Raiders in Oakland, CA.  Now, I could really care less about the outcome of this game or any other preseason game, but it does get us one step closer to the regular season and it makes us take a hard look at our upcoming season.

For at least a decade the Rams have been in some kind of strange rebuilding time warp.  Year after year Rams fans look for a reason that this year will be different.  This year… will all the money sunk into the offensive line pay off?  This year… will our quarterback earn his salary?  Most importantly, this year will the Rams become a post season team?  Or is this simply another painful season we’re going to write off as yet another rebuilding effort?

I think there’s good and bad news here.  I’ll come right out with it.. this is going to be another tough season for the Rams.  I do not see a playoff appearance for the Rams.  At least not this year, but (and here’s the good news) I really believe we’ll be there soon.  Here are the 5 main reasons 2015 will be another rebuilding year for the Rams:

1 The Rams picked Frank Cignetti as their 2015 Offensive Coordinator.  I could stop here and we’d have to agree that if the Rams planned to be a playoff team in 2015, Frank would not be the offensive coordinator.  Frank has been our QB coach since 2012.  How good have our QBs been?  Not good.  Not to mention Frank hasn’t called plays since 2011 at Rutgers.  Frank Cignetti has never called plays in the NFL.  He simply is not the right guy for a playoff bound NFL team

2 The Rams have received a lot of praise for drafting RB Todd Gurley, but Gurley won’t be 100% entering the 2015 season.  He is nearly recovered from a knee injury.  Who knows how much time it will take him to feel confident about what his knee can withstand?  Plus, as a rookie running back he’s going to need a little time to get acclimated to the blazing speed of the NFL.  I expect good things from him in the back half of the season.

3 New QB Nick Foles is another strong pickup for the Rams, but it will take him a good year to get his feet wet with the Rams.  He was good in Philly, but not a superstar and not someone who will throw a team on his shoulders and heave them into the post season.

4 Once again the Rams have placed a huge focus on rebuilding the offensive line.  If we actually drafted the right personnel and if they stay healthy (only time will tell), it will also take a good year until they’re polished enough to take on the NFL’s elite defensive lines.

5 The Rams currently have no idea where they’ll be hanging their hats next year.  LA?  ST Louis?  LA…  St Louis?  It a huge distraction for the players.  My personal sense is a move to LA could be a huge catalyst for the RAMs.   If the move goes through, I could see Rams Owner Kroenke becoming truly committed to the Rams success (not to mention dramatically increasing the value of the team).

(Don’t kill me.  I’m just calling it the way I see it.)  Ok, on the flip side… what happens if the Rams stay in St Louis?  There are still good things in store for the Rams.  Everything is falling in place.  Points 1-4 above have nothing to do with location.  If the Rams come to terms with the Edward Jones stadium management in a way that communicates stability to the team, the entire move stigma simply falls to the wayside and we’re once again focused on winning in St Louis.

Rams Rookie RB Todd Gurley To Start Camp on Active Roster


The Rams got some great news today about their new top running back Todd Gurley, who will be on the field at the start of camp and should be ready to roll.

It was thought that he would start the camp watching, and there even was a report he would start camp on the injury list, but for the Rams and their fans, that’s clearly not going to be the case.

Rams Rookie RB Gurley Expected to Start Camp on Injury List

NFL Draft

Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley is expected to start training camp on Non-Football Injury list, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports via Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com.

Rapoport notes that this was the team’s plan when the drafted him, and they can take him off the list whenever he is fully ready.

There have been no reports about a setback with Gurley’s knee throughout the offseason. The team was noncommittal about Gurley being ready for camp, but coach Jeff Fisher did say in “you could probably assume” Gurley will play sooner than you think.


Rams Bites


Time to get those NFL salivary glands working…

A couple of great kick start quotes from ESPN’s Nick Wagoner:


@nwagoner: One of the most obvious things during organized team activities (OTAs) was how much further along the Rams were defensively than they were a year ago. It’s imperative for them to get off to a fast start and be more consistent but it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be as many growing pains this time out. In fact, Williams made it a point to say near the end of OTAs that he’s been able to both weed out things he doesn’t feel work and add things he think will work. Big things are expected of this defense this year and with good reason. But once again, it’s their job to finally deliver on a consistent basis.

Offensive Line

@nwagoner: Nothing is set in stone right now, especially at center but the Rams seem to like the idea of something like this (from left to right): Greg Robinson, Rodger Saffold, Barrett Jones, Jamon Brown and Rob Havenstein. Jones still has a lot of learning to do; Tim Barnes could get the nod because of experience and it’d be unwise to rule out Demetrius Rhaney. That competition will play out through training camp and the preseason. At right guard, don’t be surprised if Garrett Reynolds gets a chance should Brown have any miscues. Reynolds worked at left guard with Saffold sitting out team portions of OTAs and offers a veteran solution if Brown takes a little while to develop.

Go Rams!!!