Rams vs Cowboys – Old School

“The Rams/Cowboys game would not be a thing of beauty. It would be decided by the bludgeoning battles waged in trenches of football’s no man’s land.”

The way it should be…  Enjoy Rams fans!

The Fundamentals


Playing winning football really only comes down to 4 key elements:

  1. Mastering the Fundamentals
  2. Have a Net Zero to Positive Turnover Ratio
  3. Passion
  4. Luck

Master the Fundamentals – this is exactly what is sounds like, “do ya know how to tackle son?”  Week in and week out a team must be fundamentally sound.  Things like

- protecting your QB
- gaining 4-5 yards per rush attempt
- spreading the field with the passing game
- converting 3rd downs
- making tackles
- getting pressure on your opponent’s QB
- minimizing penalties
- making field goals
Under this umbrella, one glaring issue this season has been our run defense.  We were killed in week one by Viking’s RB Patterson and again in this past weekend’s contest by Bucs RB Rainey.  Part of the solution is better tackling, then smarter play, and mostly just better overall execution.  On the offensive flip side…  In week 1 our RBs averaged 3.3 yards per carry and we lost.  In week 2 we had a much better showing with a 4.1 yards average (and a win).

Net Zero Turnover Ratio – I used to love watching Brett Favre through 5 interceptions and somehow walk away with a win.  99% of the time though, turnovers will kill you.  In week 1 of the season (Rams vs Vikings) we had 2 turnovers; both of which resulted in TDs for Minnesota.  If they never happened and instead resulted in Rams points, the score becomes Vikings 20 – Rams 20.  (If we tackled Viking RB Patterson at some point on his 67 yard TD walk-a-bout the score shifts to Viking 13- Rams 20.)  But we did have the turnovers and we did lose. In week 2 we had a net zero T/O ratio and gave up no points from our 1 turnover.   The outcome was…?

Passion – with the kind of money pro football players make you’d things they’d love every stinking minute of it, but it’s just not the case.  If a team doesn’t play with passion they’re not going to win.  No amount of discipline and competence can make up for it.  In game 2 when EJ Gaines rushed in and blocked that field goal Rams players went nuts.  It shot a lightenening bolt of energy straight into the veins.  And seeing new QB Austin Davis pumping his fist on the sidelines was super exciting and unfortunately it was also super foreign.  We have got to have that passion.  If Sam Bradford can’t get fired up to play NFL football, then he shouldn’t be our starter.

Luck – sometimes everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  No need to tell this to Rams fans.  Call it destiny, football karma, mojo, or almighty God, but there are simply elements in the game that can’t be controlled.  A perfect example occurred at the end of the Bucs game.  The Bucs were driving the field hoping for 1 final field goal attempt to win the game.   McCowan completes a 29 yard pass to WR Evans and the Bucs are technically in FG range.  A Bucs player is injured and they have no time outs remaining.  NFL rules require a 10 sec run off in that situation.  1…2…3… Game over.  The Rams win.

Three of these four elements we can control.  Let’s make it happen Rams players and coaches.  Let’s knock the snot out the Cowboys.  Go Rams!!!

Rams Beat Bucs 19-17


Despite our own best efforts, we pulled it out.  The Rams had 2 potentially devastating turn overs in the 3rd quarter, but the Bucs were not able to capitalize.  The Rams special teams also came up big with a clutch FG block against Tampa at the beginning of the 4th Qtr.  With just :42 seconds left in the 4th Rams kicker Greg Zeurlein kicked a 38 yard field goal that put us up for good.

If the 49ers lose tonight after the Seahawks lost today, we could could be tied for 1st place in the NFC West tomorrow morning*.   Football is a funny beast.

Final score Rams 19 – Bucs 17.  Go Rams!!!

*Correction: the Cardinals are 2-0 and have the 1st place position.

Rams vs Bucs – Half Time Update

ramsWith Red

Game on!  The weather broke and we’ve been able to resume play.  Get this Rams fans… it’s halftime and the Rams are up 10-7.  That’s right we’re going into the half winning.  Very cool.  The contest has been pretty even.  The thing that stands out ot me the most is the time of possession.  The Bucs held the ball for 17 minutes while we had it for just 13.  It means our defense was on the field a little to much.  If the defense is on the field to much, then they get tired.  If they get tired… game over.  Our offense has got to be more productive.  Easier said than done of course.

The 2nd half is right around the corner.  Go Rams!!!

Rams vs Bucs – Weather Delay


After almost 2 full quarters the Rams/Bucs game has been delayed due to lightening.  Here is our current scoring summary:

1 2 3 4 T
STL 7 0 0 0 7
TB 7 0 0 0 7

The Rams have been able to keep it close thanks to a beautiful interception by Rams safety McLeod.  McLeod gets the credit, but the interception came do to a near sack of Bucs QB McCowan.  Bucs RB Rainey has been a real threat gaining 53 yards off 9 carries.  The Rams might need to make some changes to get him under control.

No telling when the weather will break, but we have more to come Rams fans.  Stay tuned!!!


Bucs vs Rams NFL Week Two Inactives

Buccaneers: RB Doug Martin, CB Rashaan Melvin, T Kevin Pamphile, G Rishaw Johnson, G Kadeem Edwards, TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, DE Michael Johnson

Rams: DB Lamarcus Joyner, CB Trumaine Johnson, RB Tre Mason, RB Trey Watts, G/C Barrett Jones, DT Matt Conrath, TE Alex Bayer ?



One week into the 2014 season and all of football thinks we’ve had an unsalvageable and epic meltdown. After one sad home outing we have dropped to the very bottom of the NFL rankings. Yes, the second half of last week’s game was a sad site, but I still think writing off the entire 2014 season is an overreaction. Even with Chris Long out for a couple months our defense should be fine. We have a solid defensive coordinator and a veteran replacement for Long in William Hayes. We need to give some serious attention to our offense, but if people play up to expectations (not above expectations), good things can still happen.

So what do you do when you think the guy leading your team could wind up coaching high school football in a couple years? You run the ball. That’s what you do… but can the Rams do that?


Zac Stacy – #11 ranked RB in NFL, accumulated over 1,000 all purpose yards and 7 TDs in 2013

Benny Cunningham – ranked NFL RB, 2nd year pro, Senior year at Middle-Tennessee State averaged 19.4 carries, 120 yards, and an outstanding 2.2 touchdowns per game, finishing with 6.2 yards per carry

Tre Mason – Rookie RB sensation out of Auburn

Chase Reynolds – power house running back out of Montana, has yet to have an impact in the NFL

Trey Watts – Rookie RB sensation out of Tulsa

 We have mostly unproven, but high caliber running backs. With a competent effort from our offensive line, they could do some damage. The key word here is ‘competent’. We have skilled and highly paid guys on the o-line (Wells, Saffold, Barksdale, Robinson…). Year after year our o-line is either injury prone or they under perform. It has to stop. This is the NFL. Every single guy on the roster is the cream of the crop; the best athletes in the world. They and the coaches have got to decide to win. It’s as ‘simple’ as that.

This season is salvageable Rams fan. I’m not going to make any fantastic claims, but things can pick up (nowhere to go but up lol). Rams coaches and players; let’s make it happen. Go Rams!!!

Madden NFL 15 Week 2: Bucs vs. Rams

Have some free time and a few cold Red Bulls laying around?  Then check this out… Good ole video game entertainment. (Glad the Rams finally got smart and picked up a decent QB lol.)

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